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If you’re truly committed to making money online then you simply can’t deny the benefits of social networking.

But trust, me, I feel your pain.

Every time someone tells me I need to create another profile somewhere, at yet another one of the social networks, I cringe.

So before I tell you how you can use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your blog, let me first give you a good reason to go fill out one more online profile.

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drive traffic to your blog with linkedin

LinkedIn is a social network similar to Facebook.

You can connect with people and communicate in a number of different ways.

But the difference is that LinkedIn is geared more toward businesses and professionals and it’s designed to give them a place to network for business purposes.

You won’t find your average housewife or teenager hanging out here playing Farmville.

Something else that’s interesting to note: According to Quantcast, the average household income of LinkedIn member is somewhere between $87 to $100 thousand a year.

A whole website full of people with disposable income.

Now, does that make you feel a little better about setting up another profile? I thought so.

While you’re at it, then, here are 5 ways to drive traffic to your blog with LinkedIn.

1. Create a complete profile

It should go without saying that the more detail you include in your profile the better your results.

With LinkedIn you have the opportunity to include 3 different website links and a link to your Twitter profile.

Instead of just adding those links, click on the edit button next to each link and select ‘Other’ from the drop down menu.

This will open up an additional field that will allow you to add customized anchor text for your links.

Use relevant keywords to create your links.

2. Add to your connections

Every time you do anything at LinkedIn it shows up on the homepage of the other people you’re connected to.

When you update your profile, when you update your status, when you join a group or answer a question, etc.

So increasing your contacts means that more people will potentially click on your link.

One way to add more contacts is to join LinkedIn groups.

Some of these groups of hundreds of thousands of members.

If you’re a member, this gives you a whole pool of people you can connect with.

Use the ‘Group Search’ tab and use keywords to do a relevant search.

3. Add your blog’s RSS feed

At the top of your profile page, hover your cursor over ‘More’ and choose ‘More Applications’.

Use either the WordPress Link or the Blog Link application to feed your recent blog posts directly to your profile.

This gives your profile visitors a sneak peek at all the great information they can find on your blog.

4. Answer questions

Under the ‘More’ link you’ll also see a link for Answers.

Each time you answer a question a your name and a brief description appear next to your answer.

Make sure your answers are informative.

You can’t include links in your answers but you do have a box where you can include a link at the end so you can send people to your website.

However, keep in mind that these are professional business people you’re dealing with.

Make sure you actually answer the question.

Then send them to your blog for more information or details.

5. Participate in group discussions

The only way to get the maximum use out of any of the social networks is to step up and participate, and LinkedIn is no different.

Each group has ongoing discussions, similar to a forum.

And each time someone starts a new discussion the topic appears each member’s profile page.

That means that each time you participate in one of these discussions you’re potentially communicating with every member of the group and you have that many more new opportunities to use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your blog.

6. Bonus tip: Create your own group

The marketing potential is unlimited when you create your own group.

For example, The gentleman who owns one of the groups I belong to uses questions that are relevant to his niche to start discussions.

At some point during the discussion he always manages to lead you back to his blog for more information.

You’ve probably already seen how social networks grow exponentially and how quickly you can go from zero contacts to 10 or 20 thousand.

Imagine all of that new traffic visiting your blog every day!

Kinda makes it worth your while to go fill out that LinkedIn profile, now, doesn’t it?

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