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Building links is one of the roots of a healthy successful blog. Without links pointing to your blog, search engines can’t really guess what is the value of your content and they will not send any visitors to your nicely crafted articles. In my effort of sharing with you the various strategies I am using to make Dukeo successful, here is a list of 5 link building tactics that could help you grow your audience.


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  1. Write valuable content: This one is never getting old. A lot of persons have been asking me what it takes to get people to link to your website and how shady you have to go. I generally check the websites of the people who are asking me some advices, and it happened more than once that these websites bring absolutely no value to their visitors.
    Ask yourself this question: would you advise one of your friends to visit a website if you know it will be a total waste of time for them? I guess not.
  2. Link to other websites: In order to receive, you must always start by giving. If you give links to other blogs, the blog owners will be thankful because you valued their work. There is a good chance that they will link to your articles if they find them useful too.
  3. Comment on other blogs: I’m not talking about making short spammy comments such as “nice work” or “well done”. I’m talking about strong well-constructed comments. Every blogger that I know of reads every single comment they receive. There is no better way to get other bloggers attention than showing them that you like what they are writing about.
  4. Link Bait: I have already written a complete article named “What is Link Baiting?” I invite you to read this article if you want more information about methods to build links. Some of you may find these methods to be borderline regarding ethics, but a link is a link!
  5. Use social networks: Even before launching Dukeo, I spent a lot of time on websites such as Twitter and Facebook (mostly Twitter) to network with other people in my industry. This is one of the things I love in the internet community, you can very easily send a message to anyone, and I really mean anyone.
    Now, I’m certainly not advising you to bug everyone in your niche to get some free exposure, but you can definitely create some good relationships with people who are already authorities. The people I’m talking about may recognize themselves ;)

Are you using any other building tactics to increase the visibility of your blog? Please share them in the comments!

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