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When I first started making money online I hated link building. It was time consuming and tedious and just plain boring. But it’s something that has to be done and if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. Once I started focusing on link building, instead of just sleeping through the process, I began to see better and better results.

common link building mistake

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I think a lot of webmasters and bloggers don’t give as much attention to link building as they should, because they aren’t seeing the results they think they should. It does take a lot of time and effort and when you don’t see an increase in traffic or rankings you tend to get discouraged. But I think the reason most of them aren’t seeing the expected results is because they’re making these 5 common link building mistakes.

They think it’s all about quantity

Quantity is certainly important, but the search engines are more concerned about quality, authority, and relevancy of your links than they are the number you’ve managed to rack up. Generate 500 links from porn sites and scraper sites and you probably won’t see a boost in rankings at all. In fact, you might just get de-indexed. But generate a couple of links from a high PR article directory, a few more from a high ranking 2.0 property, a couple from some relevant blogs and websites, and soon they add up. With just a dozen or so links you can see a jump in your site’s rankings.

It’s not about the quantity of the links you generate. It’s all about the authority and trust that passes through that link from the other site to yours. If there’s nothing for them to pass you, then you have nothing to gain.

If it’s low PR, they’re not interested

A lot of bloggers won’t bother with trying to get a backlink from a low PR site and that just shows how little they know. They think backlinks are all about pagerank and authority and index position but there’s one thing that a lot of people forget – a backlink is a link that leads from some other site out there back to your blog. It’s another way that readers can find you. It provides a path for traffic.

Linkbuilding isn’t only about link juice and ranking. It’s also about traffic generation. And even low PR sites can have hightly targeted traffic – traffic that would be perfect for your own blog.

They’re not worried about reciprocating links

There’s a lot of competition out there. Instead of constantly trying to beat the competition, why not offer them a link on your blog. At the very least, allow them to leave a link in a comment. You spend all day searching for relevant blogs and websites so you can beg for a link or leave one with a comment. The least you can do is return the favor and give some other bloggers a little link love, too.

You’ll be surprised how, all of a sudden, blogs you’ve never even heard of will be contacting you to see if you want to exchange links. Yes, some will be the dregs of the blogosphere. But a lot of them will be simple, hard-working bloggers, just like you, asking for a little trade. So get out there and be friendly.

If it’s nofollow, they’re not interested

Nobody wants a nofollow link because they think it’s a bad thing. But they’re not. A nofollow link carries almost as much weight as a dofollow. A dofollow link allows the search engines to follow the link from the originating blog to the linked-to blog and it implies respect or recommendation. Any PR or authority or other attributes that the originating site has are passed through the link to your blog and you see the benefits.

A nofollow link also allows the search engines to follow it from one end to the other. The difference is it does not imply respect or recommendation. The blogger is essentially saying – Yeah. Here’s a link to that blog. Follow it if you want to but I don’t know what you’ll find. Authority and rankings are still passed through the link, they’re just diminished somewhat in value.

They’re not using anchor text in their links

Out of the 5 most common mistakes for link building, this has to be number one. If you want those backlinks to really carry some weight then use keywords as anchor text when you create them. Do a Google search on the words “Click Here” to see what I mean. There are over 3 billion web pages that use the words “Click Here” as anchor text for links. How are you supposed to find the one that leads to your blog?

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  1. Radu

    As a matter of fact you are right. Link building is tedious, boring, time consuming but in order to succed you needit. Like you said, first time when i started i had a lot of links removed even though i was not spamming or so and it was very discouraging. Anyway, i’m glad that now i have a circle of friends and i can exchange comments, links with them much easier.

    1. Steven

      Thank you for sharing your experience Radu. Link building is not the most exciting work in the world, but since your competition is doing it, if you don’t, you won’t get anywhere…

  2. Shaun

    Nice post, though with your last point I think it would be wise to point out that you should not overdo it with the keywords as anchor text. It is important to keep a good mix of anchor text in your link profile.

    1. Steven

      You’re absolutely right, Shaun. With the latest updates in Google algorithm, you should not build ONLY keyword-optimized links. You should always have a mix of keyword-rich links and generic links such as “view site”, “click here”, “more info”…

  3. Lillian Leon

    I was just reading elsewhere about nofollow/dofollow but the articles were so garbled I didn’t quite get it. Yours is simple and easy to understand. Great, as always! :)

    Thanks again Steven! Been sharing your blog.


    1. Steven

      Wow, thanks a lot for your nice words Lillian!

      When I was just starting working online, I remember how hard it was for me to understand everything that was discussed… This is why I try to make things easy to understand on Dukeo :)

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    Only link in good neighborhoods. Super advice Steven. Quality, not quantity. Use anchor text and switch it up!. Add variety to your links…google likes this.



    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Ryan :)

  5. Allie

    I only look at PR as an indicator that a blog has been around the block for a while and have some good standing. I have commented and linked with low PR blogs and they disappear and so does my link.

    Yes, I know PR can be taken away, mine was. And it was probably because I left comments or links on low PR sites that disappeared. Like Ryan said, hang out in the good neighborhoods. I learned that the hard way this year.

    I don’t look at PR for better quality link, I look at it as an indicator that a blog hopefully won’t disappear.


    1. Steven

      Thank you for your comment Allie :)

      From what I’ve seen online, a site can have a Pagerank after only 1 or 2 months so I don’t really value that as a positive signal.

      I’d rather check when the domain was registered (with the whois), if it changed of owner/server since it’s first registration, the date of the oldest post in the archives…

      But you’re probably right, it doesn’t hurt to check the pagerank as well. The more indicators, the safer it is!

  6. Katherin

    Link building will help to get more visitors and traffic to your site..through this we can be popular in other sites you have stated the uses of nofollow links,its appreciable..thanks for sharing this post..

  7. Wendy Wiseman

    What exactly is anchor text when leaving comments?

    1. Steven

      When you’re leaving a comment on a blog, the anchor text is the text you enter in the “name” field. But you must be careful with that. If you leave comments with the name “kids songs” a lot of blogs will not approve your comment and rate it as spam. The goal of blog comments is to create discussion and I certainly do not want to talk with “mp3 download”, “kids songs” and “life insurance”…

  8. Yogesh

    Nice tips bro.. I have something in my mind that most of us comment on other blogs for getting dew backlinks but use their name in anchor text (of course they have to) so what you think does they get any weight by such comments backlinks..?

  9. Sangeeta

    Nice Information Steven. I was also doing some mistakes while building links which I came to know after reading your article. Thanks .

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