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If you work online it’s pretty safe to assume you’re not afraid of technology. Oh, you might not be adept at coding your own theme or designing a new app, but the very fact that you’re reading this shows you at least have a computer and you know how to use it.

But there’s one problem with technology and gadgets: They can be distracting. Here are 8 productive ways to lead a simpler, more productive blogging life without all those gizmos.

  1. Get rid of the Smart Phone: Ma and Pa Ingalls made it all the way out to the Little House On The Prairie without a SmartPhone. They did it without an Angry Birds app, they did it without a GPS device, and the did it without the support of their Facebook followers. A SmartPhone is an expensive toy, and it’s distracting. If you need to stay in touch during the day a simple cell phone will suffice.
  2. Get rid of Twitter: While it’s true that Twitter can be a great promotion tool for your online business, if you’re using it for anything else it’s just a distraction. Forget about the idea that you have to spend time “socializing for your business.” If you’re up front with your followers they’ll know you have a business and that’s the reason they’ll be following you, so you won’t have to worry about being social.
  3. Get rid of Facebook: I know – scary, huh? Get rid of Facebook?! Are you serious? But think about how much time you waste. How many people actually care what you had for breakfast or what restaurant you’re going to for dinner? And do you really want some of those people to have this information? Use it like Facebook – be up front with your followers, promote your business, and get off of it.
  4. Get rid of your webcam: Skype is free and you get the same results. But how much time are you wasting just because it’s cool technology? Save time and send an email.
  5. Get rid of the TV: OK. Maybe you don’t want to toss it out the window. But at least get it away from your work space. Do a test. Leave your TV off while you work and see how much more you accomplish in a day. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at the results.
  6. Get rid of the games: Life goes on after World of Warcraft. Trust me. I know this for a fact. The first day you’ll suffer major withdrawal symptoms but by day 3 you won’t even remember your password. And you’ll get a lot more accomplished during the day.
  7. Get rid of the tablet: No matter how adept you are with your notebook or tablet you’re just not as efficient as you are on a full-size laptop or desktop computer. Your blog is your business, and in any business Time Equals Money.
  8. Set up Google Alerts: Instead of spending hours searching the Web every day, use those same keywords and set up Google Alerts. You’ll be automatically notified whenever those keywords pop up and you can get on with your business.

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