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Learn Internet Marketing From Usher

If there’s one Internet Marketing lesson we can learn from Usher it’s that change is good. In fact, change is necessary if you want to stay on top. ‘Adapt or die’ is the motto of the day.

He’s been up, he’s been down, he’s been married, he’s been divorced, he’s been the Sexiest Man and one of the top 50, and he’s been hip-hop and he’s been R&B. And he’s at it again, creating an entirely new music genre which he calls Revolutionary Pop. Adaptability, people. Take a lesson.

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Most of us, when we first started working online, spent the first six months or so trying every new idea we tripped over. Somebody said niche sites are the way to go? Sure! Let’s set up niche sites. Adsense sites are better? OK. Drop the niche sites and set up the Adsense. PPC? Just show me the way?

And then, after those first 6 months or so, we start to realize we’ve started an awful lot of projects and haven’t made any money yet. We realize that maybe if we’d pick something and focus on it, we might see more success. We understand we have to stop being distracted by every bright shiny object that comes along, choose a path and follow it to the end.

In fact, that’s what all the Gurus tell us. Choose something, anything, and work at it until you start making money. Then it’s just a matter of rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

But Usher’s success kind of throws a monkey wrench into that plan, doesn’t it? The man is more adaptable than a chameleon. Maybe that’s a good thing?

Look, being able to adapt to change doesn’t mean you need to invite change into your life. Here are some things you can learn about Internet Marketing from Usher:

Follow your passion: Usher may have had some really big changes during his career but he’s always been involved in the music industry. His goal is to be a successful musician. You have chosen to be a successful Internet Marketer.

Choose a path: At first glance it might appear that Usher can’t make his mind what he wants to do, that he’s easily distracted by shiny objects. But you don’t get to be that successful without being able to focus. As Internet Marketers we’re told that we need to choose one path and follow it to the end. We need to learn how to overcome obstacles.

But what if the obstacles are insurmountable? The Internet changes every day – Google does an algorithm change, WordPress updates, article directories change their policies, SOMETHING changes every day and there’s a very good chance it will affect your business. Knowing you’ve arrived at a fork in the road and being able to decide the best direction to go next is adaptability – not loss of focus.

Do the research: The decisions that Usher has made have been based on trends in the music market – not just whims. If you find you’re following a path that just isn’t going to get you where you want to go, don’t just jump over to the next path. Do the research first to choose the best path for you.

Be disciplined: I’m sure that Usher wasn’t always happy with some of the steps he had to take. There are a lot of steps like that in Internet marketing. There’s the tedious job of link building, the monotonous job of writing dozens of articles every week, there’s blog commenting and participating in the social networks. And let’s not forget all the research – keywords, competition, traffic numbers, etc. It’s not all fun and games but it has to be done. Usher understands the necessity for discipline to help you make it through the parts of the job that you’re just not that crazy about.

Be unique: There are thousands of kids moving up through the music ranks every day, ready to try to knock Usher off the top of the charts. You have competition in the online marketplace, too. Instead of waiting for those kids to catch up, Usher is creating an entirely new music genre – his Revolutionary Pop. It’s a completely new sound and since it’s his sound, he’ll have no competition.

Learn an Internet marketing lesson from Usher. Be unique. Combine techniques to create new techniques. Better yet, look at several of the products being offered in your niche, combine them and create your own unique product. When you do, you’ll be at the top of the charts, too, without any competition. Just like Usher.


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