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Learn Internet Marketing From Sesame Street

Sesame Street has been running for over 40 years, and is in the top 20 highest rated children’s shows in the United States. It’s won more awards than any other children’s show, with eight Grammy Awards and 118 (!) Emmy Awards, and it’s estimated that 77 million Americans have watched the show as children. It’s also estimated that 95% of children have watched the show before age three. Talk about having a big share of the market!

Speak Only to Your Audience

Sesame Street has a specific audience: young children. The entire structure of the show was created specifically for that audience, and children watching the show were correspondingly enthralled with it. It was also one of the first shows where the characters spoke directly to the audience, making “eye contact”, even. All of these things are a factor in its success.

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How can you use this in your business? Create a client avatar, getting as specific as possible. And then, when you create content, speak only to that person. The goal is that someone reading your site should feel as though you’re talking directly to them. This makes them feel like you understand them and their issues, and makes them feel special.

Mix It Up, But Have A Theme

Sesame Street is famous for its “variety show” format, with several different segments and characters. However, the theme is strong throughout: educating children in a fun and non-boring way.

You can incorporate this into your marketing by using different formats. For example, you don’t want all of your blog posts to be lists posts – mix it up with how to posts, interviews, and case studies. If possible, you should use other forms of media besides text in your posts as well – video posts are gaining popularity, and since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, they’re good for traffic, too.

Incorporate different formats into your products, as well. Multimedia infoproducts are fast gaining popularity, and adding audio or video to your products increases the perceived value of them, which means that you can charge more.

Set Specific Goals

When Sesame Street was created, it had a very specific goal: “master the addictive qualities of television and do something good with them,” like helping children prepare for school. Everything that the television show did revolved around that one goal and was aimed at furthering it.

Every time you take action in your business, you should have a specific goal for the outcome of that action. What are your goals with your blog? It’s probably not just to get more people to your website, right? You want them to subscribe to your mailing list and/or buy your products. Every page of your website should have a specific goal for its existence, and everything on that page should be aimed at completing that goal.

This applies to everything in your business:

  • Your email campaigns. You should have an overall goal for your email list, and every time you send out an email, you should make sure that you have a specific goal for that email, and that you’re also furthering the overall goal for your list.
  • Your social media marketing. A specific strategy and goal for your social media marketing will take you much further than approaching it willy-nilly.
  • Your landing page. What information do you want to draw peoples’ attention to on your landing page? Testimonials? Email subscription forms? Your blog?

To help meet your goals, it’s a good rule of thumb to have two calls to action on each page. One of the calls to action should take priority over the other one, but you always want to have an alternative action for readers to take if they don’t follow the first call to action. Setting goals, and then taking steps to complete them, is the best thing to do to move your business forward.


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