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Learn Internet Marketing From Scary Movie

I love horror movies and when Scary Movie came out I was the first in line at my local theater. Of course, if you’ve seen Scary Movie then you know it’s not all about the horror. It’s more about the horror in other horror movies! So let’s cut to the chase and see what we can learn about Internet marketing from Scary Movie. Can someone lower the lights, please? Oh, and maybe light a couple of candles?

The whole premise of Scary Movie is that it’s a horror movie built on satire. Every scene, every bit of dialogue, everything that happens in the movie is taken from other horror movies and it’s all spliced together to make one hilarious scary movie. If you were to compare the dialogue to the content on your blog, then there’s very little ‘original’ content in Scary Movie. But it’s all put together in such a way that it’s a completely new movie.

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You’d have to be a real horror fan to understand that and you’d actually have to watch the movie, too. So I’m just going to go ahead and tell you some lessons you’ll learn when you do sit down to watch it.

The Onion is one of the most popular sites on the Web and it’s entirely based on parody. Parody, like controversy, has a way of attracting a lot of attention. In fact, sometimes parody actually causes controversy and when that happens you know you have a winner!

Parody, just in case you don’t know, is a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious body of work. Saturday Night Live is another perfect example of parody. And, again, Saturday Night Live has also generated quite a bit of controversy over the years because of some of its parodies. Coincidence? I think not!

So how can you take the parody from Scary Movie and use it in your own blog or website? Let’s take a look…

List articles: One of the funniest references in Scary Movie is when they talk about things to avoid if you want to survive horror movie. The list is even clearer and more explicit in the movie Scream but it’s even more hilarious in Scary Movie.

For example, if you’re ever in a horror movie, you can never have sex. If you’re not a virgin you’ll end up dead by the end of the movie. And you can never leave all of your friends standing in a room and tell then you’re going to the kitchen and you’ll ‘be right back’. As soon as you say it you’re as good as dead.

Use satirical list articles to make a reverse point on your blog. Ten Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog or 7 Tips For Saving Money can be serious articles – and your readers would probably appreciate them. But shake your readers up every now and then and throw in some humor, too.

Spoof one of your competitors: Study your competitor’s blog for a while and find a post you can parody. If you’re not sure how to write parody, study some of the content at The Onion or watch a couple of episodes of Saturday Night Live.

Use the latest celebrity bimbo: Tori Spelling comes to mind because they used her name in Scary Movie, but Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen – they’re all always doing something totally stupid. Use it for comedic effect in one of your blog posts. Not only will your readers appreciate the humor but you might see a little boost in traffic that day, depending on how awake the search engines are. It’s called Link Bait. Use it wisely, grasshopper.

Build a whole blog on parody and satire: The Onion did it and so can you. One of my favorite blogs is a blog called 11 Points. Every blog post is a list post with 11 items. Why eleven? Because 10 is for wimps! He blogs about everything under the sun – sports, TV shows, The Simpsons, math, beer, games, you name it, he has a list. And it’s funny.

If you fancy yourself a comedian or a master of satire and parody, take a lesson in Internet marketing from Scary Movie and use that whit on your blog. Satire is entertaining and your readers want to be entertained. And most of the Internet content that goes viral is funny or entertaining. You could be the next Internet meme.


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  1. Joseph

    I am a huge fan of horror movies and seeing you relating them with internet marketing makes me feel just good. It’s great to draw some good lessons from here. Thanks Steven.

  2. Ade

    To use the current buzz phrase…these movies are like extreme content curation. They present the same ideas but with their own spin on it. And the scenes really aren’t funny unless you have seen the original movies that the scenes were based on.

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