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Learn Internet Marketing From Ryan Seacrest

You have to admire Ryan Seacrest. The guy couldn’t sing or act his way out of a wet paper bag yet his name ranks right up there with the top names in Hollywood. He made more than $51 million dollars last year in the entertainment business and he’s really just getting started. The question is though, since most of us will never appear on American Idol, what can we learn about Internet Marketing from Ryan Seacrest?

If you watched American Idol, you probably noticed Seacrest, at the beginning of each show, doing what he does best – chatting up the audience, making them all feel comfortable and building the excitement. Everybody else associated with the show – the contestants, the judges, the producers and camera operators – were stressed and anxious to get it over with. But not Seacrest. He knew that the most important thing he could do was connect with the audience so they’d be more open and receptive.

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He also knew that if you wanted people to relax and listen to your message, you had to be relaxed in their presence. Otherwise they’d sense your insincerity and you’d lose their trust.

But let’s look back to the beginning of his career. Like most successful entrepreneurs, Seacrest didn’t set out to find a way to make money in the recording industry. At an early age, Seacrest became interested in radio and developed a unique interviewing style, using his parents for guinea pigs.

While still in high school Seacrest got an intern position at a local radio station and was eventually given his own show. So it only made sense that, when it came time to concentrate on a career, Seacrest decided to do something to capitalize on his talents – his interviewing and announcing skills.

Like most successful entrepreneurs, Seacrest chose to follow his passions to develop his career, rather than focusing on other opportunities that would never have been as successful because they didn’t hold his interest. When applied to Internet Marketing, it never pays to look for a way to make money online. Focus, instead, on following your own passion or interests, first, and then find a way to monetize it.

One of the best steps Seacrest took, early in his career, was to enlist the aid of a mentor. He’d worked with one of the best, too, so he knew who to turn to right away – Merv Griffin. Griffin had already developed his own successful production company so he was able to give Seacrest valuable business advice.

In the Internet marketing world so many of us never even think about finding a mentor. We’re willing to work ourselves to death trying Google this answer and find that answer in a forum. But the thought of finding someone qualified, who’s already successful and familiar with all the bumps in the road, never crosses out mind.

The biggest Internet Marketing lesson we can learn from Ryan Seacrest is that we need to start treating our online properties like a business. We need to approach it with the attitude that we’re going to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Too many people enter the Internet Marketplace thinking they’ll ‘give it a try’ or ‘see how it goes’ but Seacrest made all the right moves to create a multi-level business.

He created his brand: Mention the name Ryan Seacrest and people automatically think of American Idol, E! News and Seacrest Productions. His name is synonymous with cutting-edge entertainment and it’s because he’s driven to succeed and never stops working at expanding his business and his exposure.

He created multiple streams of income: Seacrest understands that in order to build a long-term, sustainable business you need multiple streams of income. He’s currently involved in at least 19 different television projects, E! News, and he’s working on deals with Comcast and Clear Channel that will bring him even more exposure.

He’s created an online presence: Seacrest is one of the few celebrities who really does answer his emails and return Tweets. He not only communicates with his onscreen audiences but he communicates with them online as well because he knows that’s where major media is headed.

The best Internet marketing lessons we can learn from Ryan Seacrest are, if we want to be successful, we need to create a business based on our passions and interests and learn to recognize opportunities for monetization when they arise, always look ahead to the future and never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience.


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  1. Buysellwordpress

    That’s really great that he is a real active user, who answers all the e-mails etc. It happens not very often if we talk about celebrities

    1. Steven

      I totally agree. When you are genuinely generous, people feel it and this breeds a lot of positive energy.

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