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Learn Internet Marketing From Rush Limbaugh

Over the years Rush Limbaugh has become a formidable radio personality and that’s really how most people think of him – as a radio talk show host. However, if you look a little closer, there are quite a few things you can learn from Rush that relate to Internet Marketing. After all, in any marketing venture, it’s all about the your relationship with your audience.

If there’s one thing Rush is good at it’s relating to his audience. Rush Limbaugh has carved out a niche for himself by creating the brand that is Rush Limbaugh, the over-zealous conservative, and by doing so he’s attracted a highly targeted niche audience.

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It’s important to note that the brand came first. Limbaugh didn’t choose a market segment and look for a product to promote. He already had the product – himself and his passionate conservative political outlook. By promoting himself and his passion he was able to attract a targeted audience.

How does this relate to Internet Marketing? The mistake that most new online marketers make is to look for a niche market first, do a whole bunch of research to see if it’s profitable, and then develop a marketing plan and content that will hopefully produce some income. In the end, they have to mold and form their content to meet the needs of the market. And if you think about it, you’re placing your livelihood into the hands of a lot of fickle people.

On the other hand, if you make monetization less of a priority and concentrate instead on developing your brand and producing killer content, then the audience that develops around your brand will be more loyal. It’s basic inbound, or attraction marketing. The audience is attracted to you, therefore they come willingly to your blog, instead of you having to use all sorts of traffic generating hooks to drag them in kicking and screaming.

Until recently, the boundaries between radio talk show host and Internet marketer have been pretty distinct but times are changing and Rush is changing right along with them. In fact, a lot of offline businesses are entering the online marketing arena.

If you’re a regular listener, you’ve probably heard Rush talk about the benefits of buying gold or replacement meals or even an occasional pitch talking about the benefits of sending flowers for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. And these little pitches are a new type of affiliate marketing. It’s been working around the perimeter for a few years now, but it’s becoming more and more prominent.

If you’ll notice, when Rush gets done with the pitch, he always urges you to either call an 800 number or visit a website. And if you use the special code ‘Rush’ you’ll receive a discount. That special code is Rush’s affiliate link. Not only does he make royalties for the ad, but he makes a commission off of each sale that comes through referencing that special code.

Now let’s take a look at this a little closer to see what we can learn about affiliate marketing from Rush Limbaugh.

We already know he has an audience that numbers in the millions. We already know his audience hangs on every word he says. So we can only assume he’s making a killing with affiliate marketing. What’s the takeaway here?

First, like I said earlier, in order to develop a loyal audience you really have to build your business around your interests. To grow the kind of audience Limbaugh has you have to deliver genuine content, content you believe in. Half the radio talk show hosts on the planet hold the same beliefs as Limbaugh, but because he’s passionate about his topic, to the extreme, his personality shows in his content. And that’s the glue that keeps visitors on your site.

Next, you have to be committed to your success. It takes a lot of commitment to do all the necessary research – you have to be able to research your market so you can provide exactly the content your audience is looking for. You have to stay on top of new trends and products in your niche and get that information into the hands of your readers. You have to be committed to delivering a steady stream of top-quality content.

And finally, you have to be patient. You don’t develop a readership in the millions over night. There’s plenty of time to worry about monetizing your blog. Concentrate on bringing in the traffic first.


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