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Learn Internet Marketing From Resident Evil

I don’t know where I was in 2002 when the film ‘Resident Evil’ hit the theaters but somehow, surprisingly, I missed it. I’m a huge horror fan so I can only assume I must have spent the better part of that year in a coma or on board some alien spaceship or something, otherwise, I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed this movie.

Anyway, I was watching it a few nights ago on one of those obscure TV channels and it was really a pretty good movie. And then last night I was visiting a friend and her son just happened to being playing the Resident Evil game. What a coincidence! After watching him for a while I thought, “Wow! I could use this on my blog to help people!” So here you go. Here are some lessons you can learn about Internet Marketing from the Resident Evil game.

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OK, you know how, when you first start playing the game, you’re running all over the city and you keep finding all this stuff you’re supposed to pick up? And you pick it up and carry it around but you don’t really know why. You just know it’s supposed to help you someway, somewhere down the line. But whether it really will or not is a mystery and only time will tell.

Well, that’s kind of like what happens to new bloggers and Internet marketers. When you first start working online you trip over all these products and programs and plug-ins that are supposed to help you but you’re really too inexperienced to know what to do with them. So you pick them up, put them in your pack, and carry them around, hoping that some day the clouds will part and everything will be clear as mud.

Eventually, after you play the game for a while, you do learn what you can keep and what you can discard by the roadside. But it takes some time and there are a lot of monsters and zombies (I think that’s what they were) that you need to do battle with first.

The same thing is true in your Interent Marketing career. That ebook you bought might sound like it was written in a foreign language right now, but I promise, things will get better. Some day soon you’ll be able to look at that ebook and decide if it’s something that’s really going to help your business or if it’s just another worthless rock you’ve been carrying around that you can leave by the side of the road. In the meantime, here’s what you need to do:

Keep moving or the monsters will get you!

Don’t freeze up when you come upon a monster or an obstacle in your path. And for Heaven’s sake, keep your wallet in your pocket until you absolutely need it. The first thing I do when I have an Internet Marketing question is Google it and look for an answer. You’ll find that most of your questions are answered for free on any of the millions of make money online blogs. So Google it, get your answer and keep on moving.

Keep starting over

If you run out of life when you’re playing the game you just start over. Only the next time, you’ll get a little farther because you know where the monsters are now and you know how to use some of those gadgets you’ve been picking up.

The same thing is true of the Internet Marketing game. When you hit a rough patch and feel like you’ve just spent your last life, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over again. There’s no such thing as death or failure when it comes to Internet marketing. Learn from your mistakes and start over again.

It takes a long time to progress to the next level

The higher you go in levels the harder it is to move up. You have more monsters to deal with and more magic weapons you need to find. But if you’re persistent you’ll win.

And you’ll win the Internet marketing game that same way. With each new step you take you’re going to have more tools you need to find and more things you need to learn. Be patient. You can’t win over night. You can learn a lot about Internet Marketing from the Resident Evil game. And the most important thing is that victory goes to the one who takes the time to learn the game.


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  1. Jeffreyskang

    something people don’t know about internet marketing is that it’s actual marketing. it takes time and effort, of course, assuming you have some sort of background knowledge of how to market a product or service in the first place.

    it’s a business. be prepared to spend at the very minimum $2k and many hours each week.

    1. David

      being successful in any business is a journey of learning. You are building a machine and you have to know how to repair that machine when it breaks.

      The person most likely to be able to fix it, is the person who made it. However, getting something together in the first place takes a good deal of work and effort.

  2. David

    Agreed, you just have to realize that all the ‘mistakes’ you make are learning experience.

    Their are many obstacles to overcome no matter what you do in life, be it Internet marketing or otherwise.

    It takes time, dedication and the will to not quit when it is hard. Some people get lucky from the start and get to earn while they learn. Others might have a harder road to walk. You have to be prepared for that latter and consider yourself fortunate if it is the former.

    1. Joseph

      Majority are the ones who learn it the hard way, even those who may be ‘lucky’ to earn while learning have had set backs along the way. But the good thing is that if you focus on what you will reap and work harder into achieving it learning from mistakes and failures, you will eventually do.

      Thanks Dave for your nice comment.

  3. Joseph

    Quite a cool lesson from a mere ps game. It takes a long time to progress to the next level but it gets much easier when you fail and have to start all again. This way you will have learnt a lot to take you to success.

    Thanks Steven.

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