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Learn Internet Marketing From Muse

Basic business practices are the same from industry to industry. You have to know what you’re selling, you have to know who would be interested in buying it, and you need to develop a strong marketing plan if you want to make any money. So we can learn something from a successful business person, regardless of the market he’s in. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised that you can learn something about Internet marketing from Muse.

The UK based, alternative rock band, Muse, is famous for putting on a live performance that beats any other band on the planet and, to day, they’ve grossed more than $33 million in concert ticket sales. Even with those astronomical sales, though, Anthony Addis, the group’s manager, says there’s still room for growth. Especially in America.

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What does this have to do with Internet marketing? You probably see room for growth, too. In fact, you probably see a lot of room for growth. Let’s take a lesson in Internet Marketing from Muse.

Noticing that American concert venues are never completely sold out, Addis acknowledges that low sales are more than likely a result of the economic downturn. His marketing strategy is to keep the tickets affordable, though. However, overall, ticket prices have risen 40% worldwide. And each time prices raise, the fan base increases proportionately. How do they manage to add new fans, even when prices are rising, given the state of the economy?

Good question. But let’s look at it from the view point of Internet Marketing before we answer it. In the world of Internet Marketing, we also have to worry about increasing our fan base, only we call it traffic or visitors,.. If we want to get people to come to our concert – our blog – we need to give them a reason. That reason is our content. And we know that the better quality our content, the more traffic we’ll see on our blog.

It doesn’t really cost people anything to visit our blog but we so have to deal with competition. Muse has competition, too, but on the Internet, our competitors are only a click away. So we don’t have to get our visitors to fork over the price of admission if they want to read our blog, but we do need to pull them away from our competitors. And how do we do that?

The same way Muse gets people to pay 40% more for a ticket. We over-deliver on quality content. We give each and every visitor the best experience we can dish up.

The problem with Internet Marketing right now is that it’s so flooded with crappy content. Searchers log on looking for information and they’re half hoping nothing comes up in the search results. They want answers, but they’re gradually getting afraid to ask because of all the crap they find when they do.

Each day more and more of these second-rate bloggers and webmasters find their way to the web and these low-quality sites are taking up valuable space on the indexes. They’re chocking out the good quality sites. And they’re a big distraction for the searchers who are looking for quality content.

The only way to compete is to take an Internet Marketing lesson from Muse. If you over-deliver, and put on your best performance every single time you step on stage, then word will get around. Those people in the audience today will be back again for your next show. And they’re more than likely bring their friends along next time, too.

One other lesson we can take awy from Addis is this: Music industry fans want groups who record albums and release new music on a regular basis – consistently. There are just too many new performers out there who can take your place if you don’t keep your music in front of your audience.

The same is true with Internet marketing. Now only must we over-deliver our very best quality content, we must do so consistently, so we can keep our readers’ interest. There are too many Internet competitors, too, waiting to steal your readers away.

Learn an Internet Marketing lesson from Muse. If you give your readers more than they asked for, make it your very best work, and give it to them consistently, your traffic will continue to grow, no matter how much competition you have out there. Give you readers the experience of a lifetime each time they visit your blog.


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