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Learn Internet Marketing From Madagascar

It’s funny how we can learn some really important lessons from an animated movie that was created for kids. But it’s true, we really can. Here are some Internet Marketing lessons you can learn from Madagascar.

If you’ve never seen the movie it’s about a group of animals living at the Central Park Zoo. It’s Alex the Zebra’s birthday and he’s decided that he’d like to be free. He’s always wanted to see the world that exists outside the bars of the zoo and, since he’s getting on in years, there no better time than the present.

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Alex has a friend, Marty the Lion and Marty is perfectly happy with his carefree zoo existence. They have everything they’d ever need or want, and really, there’s no place else he’d rather be. He tries to dancing and singing to make his friend Alex happy but nothing works. Late that night, Alex decides to make a break for it and Marty follows.

The rest of the movie is about the many wonderful adventures they have after they wash up on the shore of Madagascar and I’m sure you already know there’s a happy ending for all the animals. So, other than the fairy tales you’re expected to believe, what does Madagascar have to do with Internet Marketing?

Fear. Madagascar addresses our fear of the unknown and how it affects everyone around us. Fear of failure can keep you from taking the necessary steps to success. But fear of success can also be a huge, invisible obstacle that you might not even know exists.

Fear of the unknown is normal and everybody who’s moved to Internet marketing has felt it at one time or another. You’ve probably spent your whole life working for someone else. You knew exactly what to do because someone higher up told you. You knew exactly how to do it because someone higher up told you that, too. You got a paycheck every Friday, you had 2 days off each week and you got 2 weeks of vacation time every year.

Now you’re moving into uncharted territory. Who will tell you what to do and how to do it? How will you know when it’s time to start work and when it’s time to take a break for lunch? And most important, who’s going to hand you a paycheck every week?

The first thing you need to do is look at life like Alex the Zebra would. Yes, it’s scary out there. But it’s also exciting. You get to make your own decisions now, control your own destiny. You need to understand that those negative thoughts are only holding you back, preventing you from taking the next step.

You probably did some research and maybe you even started working online part-time before you quit your job. You know it’s going to take some time and you’ll have a lot to learn. You’ve anticipated every step, you’ve made your plans, now just sit back and enjoy the ride. You’re in for a very exciting, life altering experience.

Your family, too, needs to realize what their lack of support means to your success. Are you listening when your family members tell you you’re crazy for quitting your job? Are you stressed even more because you haven’t been able to show them a big win yet? You need to let your family know you need their support.

Marty didn’t want Alex to leave the zoo because then Marty would have had to face his own fears and delusions. If Alex was successful, then he might have to admit he was wrong about staying in captivity. And Marty might also have to try freedom himself, which was an even scarier thought.

Realize that your family may be negative because they’re afraid. It’s not that they don’t have any faith in you or they think you can’t possibly succeed. It’s just that they spent their entire lives in captivity and they’re afraid for your safety as well as their own. They don’t want to see you get hurt and they don’t want to be tempted to follow you into the Internet marketing world because they feel safe right where they are.

The next time you watch Madagascar, pay special attention to how all of the animals, especially Alex and Marty, courageously address their different issues of fear. The best thing you can learn from them is how to be courageous as you step into the new, exciting, unknown world of Internet Marketing.


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  1. Abdul Ghani

    Man, if I wasn’t the kind of guy who happens to take lessons from kids/weird movies too (latest one : La balade triste), I’d say that what you’re smoking is strong.

    Feels good to know I’m not alone haha

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