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Learn Internet Marketing From Lady Gaga

Whether you love her or hate her, you’ve got to admit that Lady Gaga could teach you a few things about marketing. She has nearly thirteen million followers on Twitter, sells out venues on a regular basis, and has an incredibly devoted fanbase. Read on to get some tips to build up your internet marketing presence from Lady Gaga!

Create A Loyal Community

Arguably, one of the top reasons for Gaga’s success is that she has a loyal community of people who want to see her succeed. They even have a name – her “little monsters“. Her little monsters will watch her videos, buy her albums, buy concert tickets, and spread the word about her.

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How can this help you with your marketing? You need to figure out a way to create your own loyal community. This has two parts: fans and affiliates. There’s some overlap between these areas, but differences in how you can create loyalty in each of them.

Fans are the people who love your things so much they’ll promote you for free. They might be beginning in the internet marketing sphere, or they might just really love what you create. Here’s some tips for creating a loyal fanbase:

  • Consistently provide quality to them: Whether it’s free products or paid products, consistently create things that your fans will love. Ask them what they want to make sure you’re on the right track, and then make it.
  • Work on creating a community: The key hallmark of a community is interaction – how can you interact with your fans more? How can you get them to interact with each other in positive ways? You might even create a name for your community, like Gaga did.

As far as affiliates go, make life easy for your affiliates. Create quality products that are easy for them to sell, and provide them with the things they need to sell them (copy, banners, etc.). Consider creating incentives for selling a certain amount, or running competitions with a great prize for the person who sells the most – this benefits you and your affiliates.

Don’t Let People Get Bored

One thing that Gaga has never been called is boring. She’s constantly going above and beyond to amaze, shock, and sometimes confuse people. Now, you don’t want your readers or potential customers to be confused, but you definitely don’t want them to get bored – because when people get bored, they click away from your website, which is the exact opposite of your goal.

To keep people from getting bored, devise ways to stand out from the crowd. Make a list of the standards in your niche and then find ways that you can go against the standard (whether that’s taking a controversial stance or going above and beyond the norm). Don’t be afraid to be divisive in your marketing – it’s better to have a crowd of loyal followers and a crowd of people who really dislike what you do, than to have a huge amount of people who don’t have any strong feelings about you either way.

Build Marketing In

You can tell that Gaga thinks about marketing very early on in the creative process – it’s a big part of what she does. This is the same way it should be in everything you do for your business; think about marketing first. How will you advertise this product, service, or blog post? How will you get peoples’ attention and drive them to the page? What percentage will affiliates get? Think about these things first, instead of adding them on as an afterthought at the end of the process.

By using these tips, you can drastically increase the effectiveness of your marketing – possibly while listening to Lady Gaga in the background!


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