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Learn Internet Marketing From Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the latest sensation for a large group of screaming pre-teen girls. You might roll your eyes at the idea that he can teach you anything (let alone anything about internet marketing!), but you’d be wrong. Read on to see why!

Focus on Your Core Audience

Justin knows who his core audience is, and he interacts with them at the near-exclusion of everyone else. If you look at his Twitter page, you’ll see retweets and engagement with his many fans, but no replies or commentary at all to his (also many) haters. And when you look at the product he creates, it’s obvious that they’re all done with his core audience of true fans in mind (who else would want a director’s cut of a biopic/concert film? Not your average Joe!).

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This is applicable to your business because you need to have a well defined core audience to focus on. Otherwise, your copy and everything else about your web presence will seem too vague to attract enough people to be sustainable, or to attract the kind of people that you actually want to work with.

When writing blog posts and copy, you should always have one specific persona in mind that you’re writing to. That way, when someone in your core audience lands on your blog post or your sales page, they feel as though you’re reaching through the screen and tapping them on the shoulder. There is no doubt in their mind that you’re talking to them. And that is what will make them want to buy.

Use Social Media

If you had ever doubted the power of social media, here’s a fable to turn you around: Justin Bieber was discovered by his first agent via Youtube, where he uploaded videos of himself singing. Three years later, he has over twelve million followers on Twitter and was ranked second on the Forbes list of best-paid celebrities under 30. Talk about seeing a payoff from a social media strategy!

Build social media marketing into your marketing strategy. Pick 2-3 places that you’re going to promote your posts, and work on building a strong presence there. Is your Facebook page an active community, or is it just you posting blog posts that don’t get any comments? Can you guess which one is more effective for marketing? The same goes for Twitter. You do need to have a social media marketing strategy, but make sure that you’re focusing as much on engagement as promotion (if not more) – doing nothing but promoting yourself and never conversing with or helping others won’t impress people, and won’t make it easy for you to gain a following. Remember, focus your social media efforts in two or three places at the most to see the best returns on your efforts and investment.

Embrace Your Labels and Poke Fun At Yourself

Do you think Justin Bieber doesn’t know that a lot of people make fun of him, and what they say? Nope, he definitely does – and the following Superbowl commercial proves it. The difference between Justin and a lot of other people is that he actively embraces the things that people say and turn them into a positive. His official fan club is called “Bieber fever”, for crying out loud! The fact that he’s willing to do this makes it almost impossible for any real criticism to stick to him.

Think about how you can do this with your own image and persona. Is there something that you’ve been called as an insult, that you actually thought was a compliment? Is there a word or phrase that you want to “take back”? Write a blog post about it and start to build it into your website – if nothing else, readers will find it entertaining and engaging, and that makes them stick around longer.


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