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Learn Internet Marketing From Johnny Depp

I’m not one to follow celebrities around the Internet but I’d be surprised if Johnny Depp even had a Twitter account. Maybe he does and I’ve just never seen one of his Tweets, but he just doesn’t seem like the type. Nevertheless, marketing is marketing. The lessons are the same whether they’re learned on the Internet, in a classroom, or on a pirate ship sailing the seven seas. Here’s what we can learn about Internet Marketing from Johnny Depp.

Put a little Captain Jack Sparrow in your blog

No, I don’t mean you have to go to the extremes Depp dives to when he becomes Captain Jack Sparrow. But, a little bit of razzle dazzle can go a long way. In case you haven’t noticed, there are millions of websites out there these days and each one is competing for attention. These sites that get found are those that grab the reader’s attention and keep them engaged in the content.

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What made you spend good money to buy tickets to the fourth Pirate movie? The promise that Johnny Depp was going to be the flamboyant Captain Jack Sparrow. You’d never have pulled out your wallet a fourth time if Sparrow were just another pirate.

Think big. Think flamboyant. Think Internet meme when you’re creating your content. When you’re writing your blog posts or creating your videos you should always be concentrating on creating something that people will want to talk about and share.

Are you searching for Davey Jones’ Locker or the Fountain of Youth?

No matter which of the Pirate movies you watch, Captain Jack is always in search of something. Pirate treasure, the Fountain of Youth, a bottle of rum. The plot is always loaded with twists and turns but he always reaches his goal at the end. Why? Because, no matter how convoluted the scheme, Jack always stays focused on his goal. And sometimes the scheme makes it even better!

Look, the reason you like to watch the Pirate movies is because you love all the action and plot twists. The action and the different little schemes make it that much more rewarding when Jack finally reaches his goal. The pay-off seems even larger than originally promised because of all the hard work he had to go through to get it.

What is it that you want to accomplish with your blog? I know the standard advice is to define your goal and plot a course. But is a straight line really the best path? In the Internet marketing world it’s all about getting traffic. If you take the straightest, narrowest path you’re going to bypass a lot of the traffic.

Plot a course that takes you through uncharted territory, or at least through territory that’s populated. If you haven’t tried using videos, then you’re missing out on a huge market. Sure, it makes your path a little more crooked, and even a little more treacherous. But the pay-off can be huge.

Maybe you haven’t tried article marketing or connecting in the social networks. All of these routes may seem like they’re not leading directly toward your goal. But in the end, they’ll attract even more traffic to your website and again, you’ll see a much bigger pah-off.

There’s a little bit of Johnny Depp in each character

When you read interviews with Depp, or any actor for that matter, they always tell you how they pull from personal experience when they’re creating their characters. There’s still a bit of Depp under all that Captain Jack makeup and it’s that personal glimpse that makes his characters seem real.

Remember, while you’re being flamboyant and plotting crazy courses and planning on the next big Internet meme, the best way to connect with your audience is to be authentically you. Make sure there’s enough of ‘you’ in your content so your readers will have someone they feel comfortable connecting with.

One Internet Marketing lesson I’m sure we can all learn from Johnny Depp is that it’s impossible to remain in character forever. That’s why Depp lets us see glimpses of his true self in interviews and in some of the little quirks of his characters. Trying to be something you’re not is exhausting and eventually your readers are going to find you out. Yes, it’s important to dress up a little and force yourself out into the limelight. But you’ll make a much better connection if you let your visitors see the real you.


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  1. David

    Hi Steven, you bring up some fine points here. Acting is about creating and getting traffic is also about creating content that gets noticed.

    I suppose you will get some organic traffic just from having Depp’s name in your post. And that is cool.

    Content creation, strategy, marketing – one step at a time, is what we all need to focus on more.

    It can’t be done overnight, but perhaps one day at a time!

    1. Joseph

      Like you dave, I too think having Johny Depp’s name here attracts attention.


  2. Melissa

    I guess that no woman will miss or pass through this post, because the headline catches attention from the first sight))) Thanks a lot for such an original article)

    1. David

      Hi Melissa, I was just curious: What causes women to be attracted to Depp so much? The reason I ask is because it is a very interesting question.

      I wonder if some don’t simply enjoy imagining. But how many would be happy in a relationship with the man – not the myth? Any thoughts?

    2. Joseph

      Seems the title has been well curated. I hope every woman who comes across this article do read it because it contains very educative stuff.

  3. Joseph

    Hi Steven, it’s quite amazing how you bring the connection and comparison of Depp with internet market. I like the article and can’t afford missing the excellent information it comes with.

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