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Learn Internet Marketing From Jerry Seinfeld

It’s hard to imagine that you might be able to learn something about Internet marketing from stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld. There’s nothing one bit funny about working online. In fact, it’s tedious and boring to the point of being almost gut-wrenchingly grueling sometimes. If you’re frustrated, though, and getting ready to throw in the towel, there really are two lessons you can learn about Internet marketing from Jerry Seinfeld.

The ads all say that anyone can jump online, learn a few basic Internet Marketing moves, and be dancing down Easy Street in less time that it takes to buckle your tap shoes. But let’s face it, guys. In reality, Internet Marketing is a lot of work and those ads don’t tell you how much you’re going to have to learn before you start having some measurable success.

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In fact, the main reason people give up on Internet Marketing is because they listen to those stupid ads. They think they’re really supposed to make a million dollars their first month out and when they don’t they think they’ve failed. And most people look at failure all wrong. Failure doesn’t mean you can’t try again. Failure just means that one attempt wasn’t a success.

The first time Jerry Seinfeld took the stage to deliver his stand-up comedy routine, he froze, right there in front of the audience. He was so frightened he could barely speak and the audience chased him from the stage with a resounding BOOOOOO! Jerry Seinfeld failed that night. He failed to deliver a performance and he failed to make his audience laugh.

But that doesn’t mean he had to stop trying and never perform again. The very next night he went back on that same stage, delivered a rousing performance and received a standing ovation. Jerry Seinfeld was a success! He didn’t let his double failure from the night before stop him from trying to achieve his dream. Instead, he learned from that failure and used the knowledge he gained to help improve his results the next time around. And we all know where Jerry Seinfeld is today.

And that’s exactly how you need to look at your Internet Marketing failures. As long as you pay attention and learn from your failed attempts, you’ll eventually know everything you need to know to succeed.

But the second reason a lot of people give up is because there are a lot of aspects to Internet Marketing that are tedious and boring and, like I said earlier, grueling. Things like writing all that content and working on building links. After you’ve written 40 or 50 articles about acne medication, and seen no financial gain, how are you supposed to keep writing more? Day after day after day…

That’s another lesson we can all learn from Jerry Seinfeld. All those jokes he tells when he takes the stage are funny to us, the listeners, because Seinfeld is an expert at comedic timing. He’s also an excellent joke writer. But writing all those jokes, and repeating each one hundreds of times, is just as tedious for him as it is for you to sit and write a new acne medication article every day. How does Seinfeld cope with the tedious demands of his career?

He has a big calendar on the wall that shows the whole year – not just one week or one month. And each day that he writes a joke he marks a big red ‘X’ through that day on the calendar. As more and more X’s start showing up on his calendar, it motivates him to keep moving forward, even though at times, he’s just as bored or frustrated as you are. The more Xs, the more motivated he feels to continue so he won’t break his streak.

Marking off days on a calendar every time you complete another grueling day of article writing or link building is just one way you could keep yourself motivated. And in the beginning, it may be the best and only thing you can do.

But keep this in mind. As long as you continue to move forward and keep marking off those days, and as long as you don’t let failure force you to a grinding halt, eventually you’re going to start making some money. And then you can stop marking off those days on the calendar. Then you can start counting your money and start marking off days until you can afford that tropical vacation you’ve always dreamed of!


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  1. Bob

    Very nice article Steven.It helps me motivating my self to keep continue with email marketing & loosing faith in what I do.I’ll start using marking big red X on my calendar to keep continue publishing more content on my site.

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