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Learn Internet Marketing From Jerry Bruckheimer

If Jerry Bruckheimer were to offer an Internet Marketing class tomorrow, I’d drop whatever I had planned and come up with whatever money I’d need for the registration fee, even if I had to sell my grandmother to get it. The man has, without a doubt, all the skills you need to succeed online, and then some.

In case you don’t know who he is, Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer of some of the highest grossing action movies ever created. ‘Top Gun‘ ‘Armageddon‘, ‘Gone In Sixty Seconds‘, and ‘Con Air‘, just to name a few. And let’s not forget ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Bruckheimer’s famous for his small screen productions, too, with the CSI shows and ‘Cold Case‘, ‘Fearless‘ and ‘Amazing Race‘ also on his list of amazing accomplishments.

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The man, has more than 50 highly successful productions on his resume, and he’s made well over $11 billion. As the most successful producer in history, why would he even consider giving an class on Internet Marketing?

Unfortunately, he’s not. But wouldn’t it be great if he did? We could learn a lot about Internet marketing from Jerry Bruckheimer.

Follow Your Passion: Bruckheimer was raised in near-poverty and developed an interest in film-making at a very early age. He also had a talent for organizing. When he was 8 years old he put together his own baseball team, complete with sponsorships and uniforms. And when he was 12 he organized a hockey team.

By his early 20s, Bruckheimer was willing to put everything on the line for his dream and he moved to Hollywood, without a nickel to his name, and took a low-paying job as an associate producer. In less than three year he landed his first lead producer position and the rest is history. Bruckheimer proved that it is possible to follow your passions and turn them into a successful career.

The Value of Teamwork: Bruckheimer channeled his organizational and team building skills when he hooked up partner Don Simpson and their pairing was one of the most successful partnerships in Hollywood. Simpson was known for his flair at making those all-important Hollywood connections, while Bruckheimer worked the filmmaking side of the business. Together they created some of the most successful movies in Hollywood history.

Internet marketers could take a lesson from Bruckheimer. Too many people think that because they work at home, alone at their desk, that they have to come up with all the solutions all by themselves. Bruckheimer saw the need to partner up with someone who could take care of one side of the business, while he concentrated on the side he was good at. Don’t be afraid to approach another marketer with a JV deal. You never know. He may be thinking along the very same lines you are.

Networking is Critical: Bruckheimer has worked with some of the most successful people in Hollywood, on both sides of the camera. The names are too numerous to even begin to list. He started out filming commercials and worked his way up. And the only way you get to be that big is by networking.

Know your Target Audience: Bruckheimer is known as the King of the Action Flic and you don’t get a title like that by making any old movie that lands in your lap. Early on he realized that he and Simpson together were good at making action movies, but they were also good at promoting them. Of course, it helped that they were also able to identify the what their audience wanted.

The same holds true in the Internet marketing world. You need to be able to identify the needs of your audience.

Bruckheimer’s success in the film making industry reads like an Internet Marketing textbook:

Find your passion and relentlessly pursue it and never give up on your dreams. Bruckheimer moved to Hollywood and took a low-paying job so he could get his foot in the door. And once he did he just keep plugging away, working his way up the ladder.

He learned to recognize opportunity when it comes knocking which lead to his successful partnership with Simpson, and he realized the importance of concentrating on your own strengths and relying on a partner to share some of the load. Bruckheimer went from being an 8-year old who organized his own baseball team to the most successful film producer of all time. That takes some major marketing skills. I think we could learn a lot about Internet marketing from Jerry Buckheimer.


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