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Learn Internet Marketing From Jennifer Aniston

OK, show of hands now – How many of you think you can learn something about Internet Marketing from Jennifer Aniston? OK – Now, how many of you think Jennifer Aniston is hot and can’t remember why you even want to learn anything about Internet Marketing right now? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Let’s talk about Jen Aniston’s sex tape.

Jennifer Aniston, or Rachel as some people still like to think of her, has come a long way since the days when she was just one of the cast members on ‘Friends.’ Not only is she a television and movies star now, but she’s also involved in producing and directing. But that’s not really what we’re here to talk about. Like I said, let’s talk about Jen Aniston’s sex tape. The one that went viral on YouTube.

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YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the Internet, surpassed only by Google. People actually go directly to YouTube to look for information. YouTube is also a social network and people ‘share’ videos the same way they pass your blog posts around Facebook and Twitter. So there’s your first lesson – you need to start using video content to promote you product.

The second lesson is that creating killer video content differs greatly from creating killer textual content. People go to YouTube looking for entertainment first, and if they happen to learn something while they’re there, so much the better. Entertaining doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a celebrity spokesperson with Aerosmith jamming in the background, though. Entertaining simply means engaging, something that holds the viewer’s attention, in a visual way.

The most important thing to remember with any type of content creation is that you need to immediately let the reader/viewer see the benefits of the product. If you’re writing an article, somewhere in the first paragraph you need to let the reader know what you’re going to tell them and how it will benefit them. You need to do the same thing with your video – this is what you’re going to see and if you pay attention, this is how you’ll benefit.

Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape went viral because it did everything right. That’s not to say there’s a recipe for creating viral videos that promises to deliver a million hits if you follow it. But here’s a list of basic ingredients:

It’s definitely entertaining: If you haven’t seen the video yet, you’ll love it. Aniston is front and center through the whole thing. Plus, it pulls out all the stops and uses the cute pet, cute baby, cute kid stuff to make fun of the fact that they’re trying to create a viral video.

Toss in a little controversy: Spoiler alert – The cute babies turn into hormone-driven dirty dancers. Another poke at using the controversy factor or shock factor to up the entertainment value.

Transparency: The video tells you right up front that Jennifer Aniston is going to sell you water, but it doesn’t keep pushing the product in your face. Instead, it uses entertainment elements – like the dancing babies and the puppies and the cute kid – to keep you engaged and every now and then it works in some little tidbit about water.

Sex sells: Say what you will, but there are affiliate marketers out there making thousands of dollars a week and they’ll tell you that, no matter what you’re trying to sell, if you have a sexy girl in there somewhere, you win. It doesn’t matter who your audience is either – men, women, teenagers, or kids.

And this video certainly proves that point. It’s a video to promote bottled water. Like the world needs another brand of bottled water! Yet this video has had almost 10 million hits – and it’s still going strong. Would it have been that successful if it featured Matt LeBlanc? Doubtful.

Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with product promotion. And viewers realize that the very second the video starts playing. Yet they all stick around to the very end because the video is just that good. It’s a perfect blend of informative content and entertainment, with a sprinkle of sales thrown in for good measure.

Now, show of hands again… Who can tell me what lesson we’ve learned about Internet Marketing from Jennifer Aniston? Anybody? If you want your videos to be seen by millions then you need to stop selling and start engaging.


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  1. David

    Interesting Steven. I think you are on to something there. Sex sells and people are influenced by it even if they think they are not.

  2. Mark

    Excellent blog title, she is very sexy

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    As was mentioned above sex does sell. The key? To go about the sell in a tasteful manner. Subtlety works best…at least if you plan to attract a higher level audience ;)

    Thanks for sharing Steven!


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