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Learn Internet Marketing From Harry Potter

With the second half of the last Harry Potter movie hitting theaters in July, the end of an era for a certain group of people has come. Many who are now young adults grew up reading Harry Potter and standing in line at midnight to see the movies.

Leave ‘Em Wanting More

JK Rowling is a master of always leaving her readers wanting more. Every time a book came out, people would be wishing for the next one within a matter of days – sometimes hours.

There’s two ways to leave them wanting more:

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  1. Building anticipation
  2. Providing something truly great

When people are highly anticipating something new, they’re likely to go through it quickly and then at the end, want to come back for more. This is why building anticipation should be something you do in all of your launches.

And, of course, the best way to make your customers want more from you is to provide something truly amazing. When they see how good your work is, they’ll definitely want more of it.

It should be said that there’s a good kind of wanting more, and a bad kind of wanting more. If someone reaches the end of a paid offering from you, their first thought should not be “Really? That’s it?” Instead, you should aim for them reaching the end of it and thinking “That was amazing! I want more!” Because guess what people do when they think that? They go back to your website, and see what else you have to buy.

Be Strategic About Your Output

Say what you will about JK Rowling, but the woman is a business genius. You only have to look at the launch and anticipation already built around Pottermore – the world-building site that JK Rowling announced in the summer, which coincides nicely with the end of the movies and her loyal fans wanting more from the world of Harry Potter.

Pottermore also happens to be the only place where readers will be able to buy Harry Potter e-books – giving Rowling a higher cut of the profits from e-book sales.

Think strategically about your output – once you’ve left your fans wanting more, what can you give them that will fill the need they now feel? If you have a series of e-books that walk people through a process, is there a complimentary e-book or course that is a natural next step for them after they finish? After a group course with you, can you send them an offer for a special package of one-on-one time with you at a discounted rate? Think about these things and choose strategically.

Build Multiple Channels

Harry Potter is a licenser’s dream. Not only are the books, there’s movies, additional world-building books (with the proceeds going to charity), all kinds of toys, costumes, and clothing, a theme park, and now there’s Pottermore. The Harry Potter merchandise and world is sold through multiple channels – all building on the foundation that was set by the books.

In your case, the foundation is likely your blog. But what other channels can you use to spread the message of your marketing and brand? Here’s a few ideas: guest blogging, Youtube videos, podcasts, social media, and your affiliates.

To make sure you’re doing this to the best of your abilities, choose three channels to work on per week and focus on optimizing them as much as you can. At the end of the week, switch the focus to three different channels. This should help you build up consistent activity across multiple channels, and gain exposure for your brand and your business.


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