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Learn Internet Marketing From Glenn Beck

We can learn some valuable Internet marketing lessons from Glenn Beck. Whether you love the guy or hate him you have to admit, he does have a loyal audience – a very large loyal audience. And in the Internet marketing industry that’s more than half the battle.

Glenn Beck is a widely popular radio host known most for his scathing political commentary. He’s a master at using controversy to build his brand. He’s also a vlogger, and author and a very successful entrepreneur. Beck also founded a multimedia production company, Mercury Radio Arts, which produces content for television, online and offline publications and radio.

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When most people speak of Glenn Beck, though, they often associate him with the Fox News Corporation, which doesn’t always have the best reputation for reliable reporting. In fact, both Beck and Fox are more often than not the referred to as the worst the industry has to offer. Why then should we take any lessons from this man? Especially if we want our sites to be known as authority sites?

He understands his audience and gives them what they want

Make no mistake, Glenn Beck is anything but the idiot that most people compare him to. He’s a shrewd businessman who’s identified a market and found a niche. Millions of people all over the world thrive on the daily dose of hysteria and hype he delivers. Is it quality content? Maybe not to you. But it is to plenty of others.

We’re told that the only way to establish ourselves as an authority in our niche is to over-deliver on quality, informative content. But that’s not necessarily the case. At least, it’s not the whole story. You have to over-deliver on the type of content your audience wants to hear. And it really doesn’t matter whether you or I agree with what they want to hear or not. All that matters is that we over-deliver.

Beck has only done what every good Internet marketer should do:

He identified a niche audience – Years ago when Glenn Beck first started out he probably did the same thing you’ve done. He decided what he wanted to talk about – politics – and just started throwing it out there to see who would listen. His target audience was people who wanted to talk politics.

He narrowed his focus – As he started to attract more listeners he began to analyze his content. Which topics were attracting the stickiest, most targeted traffic? Apparently, Beck discovered somewhere along the line that controversial topics, delivered in a format that induced near hysteria, would attract a solid listening audience, so he narrowed his choice of content.

That’s not to say that we should all stop worrying about delivering cold, hard facts in our content. That’s not what Beck did. He’s still delivering the same content he started out with, but he’s providing it in a format that answers the needs of his audience. His audience wants the hype and excitement and however foolish you think that makes Beck appear, it really doesn’t matter. He’s the guy making the money.

He’s created his own brand of information

Glenn Beck’s brand is his method of content delivery. His style, if that’s what you want to call it. Most of what he says can be found on other radio stations or on other publications. He’s not making news, he’s simply reporting it.

It’s his delivery that sets him apart from others. He shares his own personal thoughts and opinions and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. But he does this because he’s found that that’s the type of content his audience wants – it’s not necessarily the ‘Real’ Glenn Beck.

What can we learn about Internet marketing from Glenn Beck?

Analyze your stats: Take a look at your Analytics reports and find out where your traffic is coming from. What keywords are they using to arrive on your site? That’s the information your readers are looking for.

Don’t forget to also look at your most popular posts. Which posts are getting the most traffic? Which have a lower bounce rate? Are your visitors leaving after they read those popular posts or are they going further into your blog? If so, where are they going?

Focus your content: Once you start seeing patterns in your traffic, start putting that information to use. Create more of the same type of content because it’s obvious that’s what your readers want. Glenn Beck didn’t start out as ‘Glenn Beck’, he became ‘Glenn Beck’ after his audience told him that’s what they wanted.


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