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Learn Internet Marketing From Dr. Phil Mcgraw

Maybe you’ve seen Dr. Phil on TV. He’s a relationship expert who got his start when Oprah discovered him and started featuring him on her show. He typically puts some poor, dysfunctional couple on stage and dissects their relationship in front of the audience. What can we learn about Internet Marketing from Dr. Phil McGraw, a relationship expert? I have one answer for you…

How’s that working for you?

Dr. Phil usually starts off by asking his dysfunctional couple what they’re doing to uphold their end of the relationship. And generally, their answers paint quite a picture. He usually chooses such extreme examples so everybody in his audience will be able to get his point. And when his subjects get done stating their case, Dr. Phil’s response is always, “Yeah? And how’s that working for you?

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Internet marketers are a unique group of people. They come from all walks of life, attracted by the promise of earning an easy income online and most have no background in computers or marketing and have no idea at all how the Internet works. Yet, they seem to think they should be able to sit down and start earning money right away and when they don’t they blame it on someone or something else.

Here are some common scenarios that might sound familiar:

Even though everybody tells you you have to learn how to do the research so you can choose a profitable niche, you decide not to worry about it. You know what you’re doing. You’re going to blog about making money online and you’re going to be rich! Yeah? How’s that working for you?

Everybody says you need to learn how to use keywords so you can attract targeted traffic but you know better. Keywords don’t matter. You’re not blogging for the search engines. You’re blogging for your readers. Yeah? How’s THAT working for you?

You’ve read all the articles about the importance of link building and social networking and guest blogging but you don’t think that’s all necessary. Besides, it’s a lot of work. You’re just going to stay right there on your own blog and wait for the traffic to find you. And again – Yeah? How’s that working for you?

The thing about Dr. Phil is he has the unique ability to make his subjects realize that they’re just being stupid, or lazy, or arrogant.

If you’re having trouble with Internet marketing then you need to take a lesson from Dr. Phil and ask yourself – Yeah? How’s that working for ME?

If you’ve only been at this a few months, it’s unreasonable to expect that you’d be able to sit down at a computer and, in one weekend, set up a website that sucks in thousands of dollars a month. Especially if you have no computer or marketing skills and you have no idea how the Internet operates.

Like any business, or any job really, you’re going to have to learn certain skills before you can become successful. And you’re going to have to listen to some of the advice you’re given.

You need to learn how to set up a website or blog. It’s just that simple. You can’t any kind of sizable business on the Internet without one. And no, the free sites won’t work.

You need to learn how to research a niche to find a profitable market. Again, it’s a must. There are millions and millions of bloggers out there trying to make a dent in the make money online niche and it just isn’t going to happen. Why would anyone want to listen to your advice when there are already some pretty impressive big name, experienced bloggers out there dominating the market?

You need to learn how to do keyword research so you can dominate your niche. You can blog and write articles till you’re blue in the face but if you’re not using keywords nobody will find them. Use the free Google Keyword Tool and do the work.

You need to provide good, solid, engaging content. Yes, it must meet all 3 criteria. The competition out there is fierce and if you don’t put in the work to give searchers a reason to read your blog you can’t blame them for going somewhere else.

You need to get out there and promote yourself. Yes, that means Tweeting and Sharing and connecting in the various social networks. It means writing more articles and submitting them as guest blog posts. It means creating videos to post on YouTube.

In short, if you’re not having some success in Internet Marketing then the lesson you can learn from Dr. Phil McGraw is that you have no one to blame but yourself. So, how’s that work for you?


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One Comment

  1. David

    Hi Steven. Well, that is certainly important information for someone just starting out. Many people won’t stick with it long enough to get it going. I feel sad for that type of person.

    You really can’t stick with it, if you don’t believe it is going to work.

    On the other hand, hard work isn’t always the answer. There are many obstacles to overcome and part of overcoming them is understanding what they are and what you can do to overcome them.

    I’ve been online for a long time. And I haven’t really found a single resource that I could go to get the answers I need.

    This is the biggest difficulty for a person. Where do you get good information?

    When you have nothing but confusion from conflicting viewpoints, it is really hard to get it all figured out.

    Thanks Steven, good points in this article to help someone begin to find the right direction!

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