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Learn Internet Marketing From Donald Trump

Even though his hair is a little scary, I respect Donald Trump for his business acumen. Sometimes, when I come up against some business obstacle, I even ask myself, ‘What would Donald Trump do in this situation?‘ So yeah, I think there’s something we can learn about Internet Marketing from Donald Trump. Don’t you?

The list of Trump’s accomplishments is longer than both of my arms and I’m not going to bore you to tears by listing them here in this article. If you really don’t know who he is, check Donald Trump on Wikipedia.

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While his list of career high-points is huge, it’s the low points that I find most interesting. Everyone knows how to handle success. You celebrate, you do a little happy-dance, you drink a few beers. But it’s how you handle the low points that are most telling, I think. And Trump has had some really, really low points during his career.

In the late 1980s Trump’s business went into a severe slump as a result of the economic recession. He couldn’t make loan payments, he was falling behind on construction contracts, and he was even forced to file for bankruptcy protection for his Trump Plaza Hotel. He had $900 million of personal debt and another $3.5 billion in business debt. And it wasn’t until May of 2005 that Trump managed to climb out of this financial quagmire. For more than 25 years he had struggled under all that pressure.

Granted, Trump always had plenty of money. He was never homeless or begging for a meal. But a combined debt of over $4 billion dollars?! That’s some heavy pressure.

Now, compare Trump’s business ups and downs with yours. I know you’re probably not $4 billion in debt. But you do probably have some business pressures. When the going gets really tough, how will you handle it? Will you just throw in the towel and quit? Or will you look to Donald Trump for a lesson in Internet Marketing and treat it like a business?

Too many people go into Internet Marketing with the attitude that they’ll ‘give it a try‘ or ‘see how it works‘. That’s just setting the stage for failure. You have to look at this like a business if you want to be successful. A long-term business that has the potential to make you more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Donald Trump could have given up dozens of times during that 25 year low point. There were dozens of times he could have pointed at his business and called himself a failure. But he didn’t give up. Instead, he looked for solutions. If you’re having problems getting your Internet business off the ground, do what the Donald did:

Ask for help: Trump has his finger in dozens of different business pies and he has advisers everywhere he turns. You have resources for help, too. There are several very good forums for Internet Marketers, like The Warrior Forum. Visit these forums for lots of helpful advice.

Find a mentor: While you’re there, look around for a real, qualified mentor or do a search for mentors or training programs who specialize in the area where you’re having problems.

Step away from the computer: Sometimes, it’s just a matter of taking a day away from the computer. Trump plays golf. What about you? When’s the last time you took a real break? You know what they say about all work and no play…

Re-evaluate your business: Start from the very beginning and re-evaluate your business before you toss the whole thing into the toilet. Look at your website, look at your content, look at your keywords. Are you targeting the right audience? Are you building the right links? You may not have to start over from scratch. You might just have to do a little tweaking.

The point I’m trying to make here is – Donald Trump was $4 billion in debt and did not give up. He knew success was just another step away. Yes, it took him 25 years, but he was recovering from a $4 billion debt!

Your problems may seem insurmountable, too, but the answer is just around the next corner. Take an Internet Marketing lesson from Donald Trump and never give up.


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  1. David

    Wow, 4 Billion in debt. that is really quite amazing. And you are right, that would definitely be a lot of pressure to deal with.

    Sounds like he figured it out though.

  2. Joseph

    There’s definitely a whole lot of lessons to learn from Trump and thanks for giving me a reason to teach myself even more from this business magnate.

  3. Julia Spenser

    Rather unexpected post! I haven’t thought before that I will learn Internet marketing from Donald Trump’s experience or example) But still thanks a lot

    1. Joseph

      Well Julia, I don’t think this was unexpected, Steven has been covering these kind of articles and you wont be amazed next time he throws up “What you can from Lady Gaga” next time.


  4. Melissa

    His experience and achieved results are very encouraging, I will take this information into account,thnx

    1. Joseph

      Hi Melissa, Just like you, am taking this information seriously into account. I love the it all relates to internet marketing and other fields other than internet marketing.


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