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Learn Internet Marketing From Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, in her tragically cut-short career, received 60 nominations for awards – and received 23 of them, including five Grammys. She was often in & out of the media for both her musical career and her tumultuous personal life, and developed a strong following of fans. So, what can she teach you about internet marketing? Read on to find out.

Have A Distinctive Style

How many new musical artists burst onto the scene every year, only to fade into obscurity after one hit? How did Winehouse stay on top of things for so long? Answer: she stuck out. A lot.

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With her tattoos, mile-high beehive hair, and her signature heavy winged eyeliner, Winehouse stuck out amongst a sea of clean-cut pop stars. As Seth Godin would say, she was definitely a purple cow – hard to miss and difficult to ignore.

How can you translate this into your marketing? You need to have a distinctive style that permeates everything you do – ideally, someone should be able to look at an email or a blog post or a tweet and immediately know that you created it, even if your actual logo isn’t on it. If you stand out, you’ll get noticed; if you get noticed, you’ll get followers. It’s as simple as that. You also want your distinctive style to transfer into the visuals of your brand – make sure that your voice and your visuals match and complement each other, and aren’t at odds.

People Love Drama

People couldn’t stop staying up to date with what was going on in Winehouse’s personal life; it was just too fascinating. Simply put, people love a little drama. You don’t want to have quite the amount of drama around your brand that Winehouse did – doing so would probably make you much less trustworthy as a result. However, you can create a little healthy drama around your brand with a few of these tips:

  • Hold a contest: Preferably, a creative contest – one your readers won’t have seen before. Instead of “leave a comment here”, ask them to do something crazy (related to your branding, of course) and provide proof of it (a picture or a video).
  • Post something controversial: Make a list of the commonly held knowledge or quoted beliefs in your niche that really annoy you. Write a blog post about why one of these beliefs is wrong, providing your counter-argument and what you believe instead. It’s a good idea to make these posts a rare feature, once a month at most for most brands, because you don’t want to appear angry and irrational and have your expertise disregarded because of it. But these posts can do a lot of good when used sparingly – they often go viral and create a huge amount of discussion in the comments.
  • Create a story: People love stories. Our brains are built to remember stories, and we always want to know the ending. You can play off of this to create a series of posts for your blog that tell a story – whether that’s your story or the story of a fictional character. Of course, you’ll want to make the story educational as well as entertaining, but if you can do that and end each post with a slight cliffhanger, you’ll keep people on the edge of their seats and wanting to find out what happens.

Have Real Talent to Back it Up

Even if you stick out like a sore thumb, and you’re keeping people entertained with a little drama, it won’t do you any good at all if you don’t have a good foundation for it – quality content and products. For all of her style and drama, Winehouse was an incredibly talented singer (as shown by her multiple awards). Constantly work to improve the quality of your products and content, whether that means working on your writing skills, getting better at speaking on video and video editing, or removing the background noise from audio.


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