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Learn Internet Marketing From Amityville

We’ve all heard the story about George and Kathy Lutz and their infamous haunted house in Amityville. Said to be based on a true story of murder, horror and demonic possession, the whole story is mired in controversy and the truth will probably never be completely revealed. However, it makes for a good story and since the house itself really does exist, you can imagine it gets a lot of looky-loo traffic. And that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about. What can we learn about Internet marekting and traffic from Amityville, NY?

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If people want to know more about what happened that horrible night in early 1976 when George and Kathy Lutz grabbed their kids and the dog and ran fleeing in terror from their home, then they go visit Amityville, NY. The Lutz house, or what used to be the Lutz house, is a destination spot. People don’t just go to New York and drive around. They go straight to the Lutz house in Amityville.

In fact, so many people have visited the Lutz house and it’s grown such a lurid reputation that they’ve actually done some remodeling on the house to try to disguise it a little and turn away some of the curiosity seekers. Wouldn’t it be horrible if you had so much traffic on your blog that you had to turn it off or shut it down so you could give it a rest?

You can do that, you know. No, I don’t mean you can turn off your blog. I suppose you could, but I don’t know why you’d want to. What I mean is you can bring in tons of traffic and make your blog an Internet destination, like the Lutz house.

Why should people visit: The first thing you need to do is decide why people should visit your blog. Instead of just doing a generic keyword search, why should they come right to their browser and type in the name of your blog? What is going to be your main attraction – like the Lutz House?

Build your brand: Now, if you want people to actually come to the web looking for your destination blog, then you’re going to have to get the name of your blog out there, along with your brand. That means you’re going to have to do more than just set up links that say ‘click here’. You’re going to have to use the name of your blog and connect it to what your blog has to offer. For example, when people to to Amityville they know they’re going to see the Lutz House.

To build your brand you’ll want to spread the word all over the Internet. This means getting involved and connected at relevant social networks, and setting up a YouTube channel with some fun and interesting videos. It means guest blogging and article marketing and anything else you can do to get your name out there and make people aware.

Give them something to see: Now comes the fun part. You need to put content on your blog so people have something to see when they get there. What good is it to take a trip if there’s nothing to look at when you get there? Who would go to Amityville if the Lutz House no longer existed?

What kind of content will you use? That depends on what you’ve told people they can expect to see on your blog. At the very least you want to have blog posts with images to grab their attention. But you should also look into creating videos or audio files to make your blog even more entertaining.

You might also consider putting up polls, surveys, contests and maybe even a forum. Anything that engages your readers and keeps them on your blog.

The best content is content that tells your readers something new and interesting that they’ve probably never heard before. Think about conducting interviews on your blog. Interviews are always interesting and unique and it increases your credibility with your readers when they see you interviewing some big name guru in your industry. Or be the first with breaking news and do follow ups to keep your readers updated.

One lesson that you might take away from Amityville is that paranormal blogs and websites are very popular right now. If you have a haunted house nearby, that would be a great subject for your blog. If you remember to put all the elements together – Your motivation, your brand and your content – you could build a destination site just like the Lutz House in Amityville.


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  1. Ivin

    Hello Steven. I love your ‘Learn internet marketing from…’ Series. I think it’s refreshing and creative. And if you keep on crushing it with traffic, that is one of of the reasons why.

    I just wish those earlier people that gave your blog so much attention would stick with you and come hang out here. I also want to offer a H.O. You should reply to your comments, otherwise people may not want to come back, because they think you don’t value their contributions.

    1. Steven

      Well, even if I don’t reply to every comment. People know I value what they are saying because I read every single comment when I moderate them :)

  2. David

    interesting, when I was a little kid I had an interest in these things. I wonder if someone is living at the Lutz house now.

    I wonder if there really was something scary going on in 1976 or if someone just spiked the fruit punch that night.

    As you said, no one can be sure. :)

    1. Joseph

      We can’t actually tell whether it was a made up story or whether just some or whole of it was true. But whatever the case it made headlines and left a maze into many who still are eager to know what really transpired over there.

  3. Ade

    People still live at the house and have done after the Lutz’s left. The new owners said they had none of the problems that the Lutz’s had. Still, can’t imagine Id want to live there….even if the story of the haunting is fabricated, the murders are definitely true.

    Going back to internet marketing, this is famous (or gets traffic) because it is notorious or even macabre….I think this is the problem with all blogs in a crowded space like Im….they have no unique angle to make them stand out. Finding this is quite hard I believe….it’s like an author finding his voice to some extent.

    1. Joseph

      Like you say Ade, many blogs lack a unique stand. This is a result of being crowded at a certain niche. So, if you want to get found you have to explores new things and then relate them with internet marketing like Steven does.


  4. Joseph

    Wow! That’s very much interesting. I enjoyed reading every bit of this article. Steven, you are really a rocker! I love how you compare every single detail about the Lutz house with blogging thus giving a very significant information. Thank you very much for this.

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