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Once you understand you’ll never know everything there is to know about blogging, that there’s always something more you can learn to help grow your business, it’s easier to see you have unlimited income opportunities in the Internet Marketplace right there at your fingertips. And if you’re observant, you’ll also realize that the knowledge you need is also right there at your fingertips. You can learn something about Internet Marketing from almost every other blogger on the Web.

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Why you should try to learn more from other people

Your blog may be successful today but more than one blogger has lost everything when Google released another update or some piece of software he was relying on was rendered ineffective or crashed. The technology involved in blogging is constantly changing and there’s no way you can possibly keep up with all of it on your own.

As searchers become more savvy, their purchasing habits also change. Old marketing techniques become ineffective and new ones take their place.

It only makes sense to develop relationships with other bloggers who have more knowledge and experience if you want to keep pace with these changes and grow your business.

How to learn more from other blogs

You can learn something about blogging from almost every blog on the Internet – but only if you pay attention while you’re surfing. If you’re visiting a blog, chances are other people are visiting that blog, too. So ask yourself the following questions:

How did I arrive on this blog? Was it an organic search? Did another blogger send you here by linking to it in his post? Was it a referral from someone in one of your social networks? Whatever it was, it worked. How did it work and is it something you could implement on your own blog?

Why am I still on this blog? Is it because it has so much information? Or maybe you like the blogger’s writing style? Is it because they have a great infographic or video? Again, whatever it is, it worked. Can you use it on your own blog?

Did you subscribe to that blog or that list? If you subscribed to that blog or that list ask yourself why. What made YOU turn over your email address? Was it the attention-grabbing opt-in form? Was it attractive offer?

How to learn more from other bloggers

If you notice something truly new and unique on another blog and it’s not something you can implement without more information, try contacting the blogger. Obviously, he’s not going to share his own proprietary business secrets with a competitor, but most people are willing to at least point you in the right direction – especially if you’re polite.

Send the blogger an email introducing yourself and describing your reason for contact. Let him know that you noticed something new on his blog and you’re wondering how it’s working out for him. Politely ask if he’d be willing to either share information or point you to a blog post or website where you could get more information.

Use the good, but remember the bad

It’s just as important to learn what doesn’t work, too, and why it doesn’t work. When you’re visiting other blogs, if you’re tempted to immediately click away, stop before you do it and ask yourself why you’re in such a hurry to leave. And it could be anything from the color of the background to the horrible spelling an grammar. Whatever it is, if it’s making you leave that blog it’s probably making others leave, too. Learn from that experience and make sure you’re not doing that same thing on your own blog.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Sensational Steven.

    You can do so much on your own but learning from others helps you tap into new sources of knowledge. Such an easy way to prosper online fast. Put your ego aside in this game and you will save yourself years of struggle, of course I share this from personal experience.

    On a side note I learn a ton from your posts! Thanks and keep up the great work dude.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment, Ryan! The very nature of the web makes it essential to share with others… Share knowledge, share influence, share exposure…

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