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I’ve covered a lot of territory in a short amount of time here at Dukeo and most of my content has been directed at beginning bloggers or people who’ve just started learning about all the ways you can make money online. But even I know you can never say all there is to say about any topic – especially in this niche. So I’d like to hear from you. What do you most want to learn about blogging?

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Let’s face it, I could tell ten different people that the sky is blue and if you asked them to repeat what I said you’d get 10 different replies: The sky is azure, the sky is light blue, the sky is falling! So even if I already answered the question two or three different ways, it never hurts to ask again. The third time might be the charm.

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Don’t Worry About Stumping Me

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know everything there is to know about blogging. But I do know a lot. And if I don’t know, I know who to ask. And if you have a tough question then chances are someone else does, too, and we can all help each other move up to the next level of blogging. So don’t worry about asking a question that’s too tough for me or the other readers. I enjoy a good challenge.

What Do You Most Want To Learn About Blogging?

Here at Dukeo we talk about everything involved in blogging, making money with your blog, and generating traffic, leads and sales. Blogging alone is a huge topic to cover, but when you add in everything else it’s easy to see that I’m never going to run out of things to talk about.

But it’s also to see how something seemingly small and insignificant might fall through the cracks and that might be the one piece of information you were looking for, the final piece to the puzzle that suddenly makes everything crystal clear.

So, what do you most want to learn about blogging?

  • Growing your readership
  • Increasing subscribers
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Writing quality content-potential
  • Blog design
  • Starting a blog
  • Expanding your blog into a business
  • Blogging tools and platforms
  • Social media marketing
  • Building your brand

As you’ve probably noticed I take the time to personally reply to all comments here at Dukeo and when questions are asked I answer. I read and answer all emails from readers, too. I consider myself a pretty personable, approachable guy and I value my readers’ input. And if you read some of the comments on this blog you’ll also see that I have a very respectful group of readers.

So please, feel free to use the comments on this post to ask me all your questions. No question is too big or too small and no one’s going to laugh. We’re all in this together and even I can learn a few new tricks from you. So scroll down to the comments and let me know what you most want to learn about blogging.

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  1. Hansjörg Leichsenring


    I am most interested in these two topics:

    – Growing your readership
    – Increasing subscribers

    And please, do not say “Its all about quality content”. Thats for sure for everything.

    Cheers from Germany


  2. Carolyn

    Steven, you constantly write about fascinating topics so I am here often no matter what. But I agree with Hansjörg on his preferred topics.

    Have you tried Polldaddy for an official poll? It’s easier to get people to vote than to leave comments. Just a thought…

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