LeadNetwork Review A Great Source Of Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Offers

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LeadNetwork Review: A Great Source Of Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Offers

As little as a decade ago affiliate networks were popping up everywhere as people looked to the internet as a source of untapped wealth. However, when it comes to affiliate networks, some serve that purpose and some don’t.

People were online like never before and they were searching for answers to their problems, some saw this trend as a cash cow and that is where affiliate networks fit in.

There are the giants, such as Amazon, and a variety of networks offering a broad range and almost endless variety of products or services. From product or service reviews, to travel and bookings, through to financial services.

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That is where you will find LeadNetwork’s pay per lead programs.

Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Networks

You may already know the financial pay per lead affiliate program niche has come under scrutiny at the state and federal level.

LeadNetwork has prepared for this, creating a platform that is compliance-first in regards to lead generation.

It begins with LeadNetwork’s affiliate review programs: everyone is vetted.

LeadNetwork wants to know a potential affiliate’s marketing plan; more specifically, how that affiliate plans lead generation.

If a potential affiliate takes a blackhat approach, they will be asked to try again or be rejected.

LeadNetwork seeks only the best affiliates, which, in turn, ensures the best traffic.

It is in the best interest of affiliates, lenders and consumers for LeadNetwork to work with only the best.

Once someone is approved as an affiliate, then lead generation compliance is enforced in a number of ways.

One of the most powerful ways LeadNetwork employs is individual vetting of every lead; by this I mean they check by phone or any other method that a lead is genuine.

In this way, LeadNetwork can quickly identify affiliates that submit bad and possibly fraudulent leads.

LeadNetwork’s goal is to reduce industry fraud and show regulators it is serious about self-regulation, and realizes providing a better atmosphere for online consumers is the number-one priority.

Features of the LeadNetwork Affiliate Program

Standard affiliate methodology is in place with LeadNetwork. Leads are generated by an affiliate, then the data is sent in one of three ways:

  1. Via the landing page,
  2. By the placing of the LeadNetwork Javascript form on a site,
  3. Or by posting directly to the LeadNetwork site using info collected on another form.

LeadNetwork’s advantages include:

  • Maximum cost-per-lead up to $230, some affiliates hit this, but most fall somewhere in this range,
  • Weekly payments by Webmoney, Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire. With all earning information shown in real time,
  • Russian-language support service during European working hours,
  • Lifelong commission for all rebills,
  • A high percentage of repeat sales,
  • An extensive and unique database of lenders,
  • Modern tools for promotion and comprehensive analytics.

In Summary

LeadNetwork affiliate managers and lender representatives are vastly experienced in affiliate marketing but specifically in the financial vertical.

LeadNetwork thrives in a vertical that is constantly under scrutiny. However, they go above and beyond to comply in a challenging environment.

For more information visit the LeadNetwork affiliate network.


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