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You hate being a quitter but you also know there’s no sense in beating a dead horse. Your blog is your business and in any business Time Equals Money. How much time should you spend trying build a business that’s not going anywhere? When is it time to kill your blog and move on to something else?

When It Stops Being Fun

Granted, it’s a business, and that means there are certain tasks you’re going to have to perform whether you like it or not. But, in general, if you’re no longer enjoying your blog then it’s probably time to put it out of its misery and move on.

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When you’re no longer enthusiastic about your blog it becomes more difficult to publish on a regular basis, which is very important for your business. You don’t even feel like writing. And when you do your readers can pick up on your lack of enthusiasm.

When You Have Another Project

This is tricky. Most bloggers spend a lot of time online every day and you’re just naturally going to trip over new marketing ideas. Some of those ideas are going to sound pretty interesting and you’re going to be tempted to kill your blog and try something new. Before you do, really put some time and effort into researching this new project. I like to sleep on it for a few days to see if I lose interest.

If I’m still interested after a few days then I take a serious look at the blog I’m working on to see if it still holds my interest and if it has any potential for success.

When The Bottom Falls Out Of Your Market

Technology continues to advance, products come and go, advertisers go under and Time marches on. If you know your market then you should be prepared for these changes and adapt your business accordingly. For example, you can add new categories to your blog or pick up a different product or advertiser.

In some cases though, there’s really nothing you can do to keep your business afloat and your only choice is to pull the plug.

When Nothing Works

There’s no shame in admitting you made a mistake. Maybe you chose a domain name that was black balled. Maybe you’re using the wrong keywords. Maybe you just chose a niche that has no demand. There are about a zillion reasons a blog can fail, some of the fixable, some of them deadly.

If it’s just not working, then kill it and start over. Don’t be afraid. You haven’t failed and you don’t need to admit defeat. Thomas Edison had to create 9,999 light bulbs before he finally made one that worked. And each time he started over he learned something new. Each time you build a new blog you’ll learn something new, too. And each new blog will be bigger and better than the last.

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  1. Julia Spencer

    This decision can be really difficult for any site or blog owner. And I’m not sure that everyone will manage to close or to kill his/her blog forever

    1. Steven

      Giving up at the right time is a big part of being successful as an entrepreneur. If you keep insisting and losing money and time on a project which is just a complete waste and will never turn any profit, you’ll never be successful.

  2. Malika Bourne

    thanks, I needed that!
    I put my old blog site to sleep and started over at a site I own. If flet risky. Now I have 1000% more views; no kidding.
    Your post made me know I did the right thing. TY

    1. Steven

      Congratulations on these results Malika. I find it very encouraging that you were able to give up on a project to focus on a new one that’s turning to be working a lot better. Are the pageviews still increasing?

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