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Join Forums: Search for Communities in Your Niche and Start Sharing Your Opinion

Today we’re going to talk about building relationships, increasing your readership and how you can become more of an expert in your niche.

All that in just one post?


And all you have to do is join forums in your niche.

Why You Should Join Forums

1/ Build Relationship

Active, well-run forums have a lot of community interaction. They’re usually very close-knit groups where everybody knows and trusts everybody else. Join a forum and participate and you’ll become a trusted member of the community, too.

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2/ Build Your Brand

If you participate in the forum, as opposed to just promoting your links, you’ll build your online profile and brand. Members often belong to multiple forums so word spreads just like it does in offline communities.

3/ Increase Your Readership

This shouldn’t be your sole reason for joining forums but it is a side benefit. Especially if you’ve become a trusted and active member of the community. Focus on building relationships first. It only takes one well-placed link to send your traffic skyrocketing.

4/ Increase Your Reputation As An Expert

This is the primary reason I join forums. Not only do you have opportunities to join in forum discussions and show your expertise, but I like to look for content ideas. Keyword research is fine, but people ask some very good one-off questions in forums. And because these questions are asked inside the forum they don’t always turn up in keyword research. When you write about these questions on your blog you look like more of an expert because you “anticipated” the needs of your readers.

How To Find Forums In Your Niche

First, don’t panic. There are forums in every niche you can think of.

Next, they’re pretty easy to find. Just Google “your topic forum” and see what pops up. Look for active forums that have lots of members. If necessary, try different keywords in your search.

What Should You Do When You Join A Forum?

  • Create a profile using appropriate keywords and link to your blog if possible.
  • Don’t be a spammy link-dropper. Just be yourself and let your reputation grow.
  • Spend time learning the forum’s culture – How do you post? Who are the leaders? What’s the overall tone?
  • Make strategic friends. Every forum has cliques, like any other community. Make friends with the influencers.
  • If it’s allowed, link to your blog in your signature.
  • When answering questions, include a link to relevant content on your blog, where appropriate and if it’s allowed.

As a blogger you’ve probably visited at least one forum for online marketers. Don’t use these forums for comparison. Forums in other niches are generally very nice places to hang out. The people are friendly and nobody’s trying to get you to buy something. So search for and join at least one forum today and then report back here to tell us how it’s going.


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