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This post may sound a little weird compared to what I usually post on Dukeo, but I felt the need to clarify things regarding John Chow.

Over the past few months, I’ve been asked by several persons if I was still in a fight with John Chow. The first times I was asked this question, my reaction was something like: “Uuh?”, but since this question kept popping either through emails, twitter and even when meeting some people at Affiliate Summit, I started to wonder what made people think I could have any problem with John Chow… So I went back through Dukeo’s archives to check what I said about him in the past.

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John Chow

The first post I wrote about John was the post “Who is John Chow?“. In that blog post, that includes a couple links to John’s website, I wrote about his background (both online and offline) and the various websites that he owned, to develop why he is one of my sources of inspiration in the “make money blogging” niche. Obviously, this post couldn’t lead to anyone thinking that I have a problem with John, so I moved onto the next blog post.

Then I found the post which is certainly the root of the evil rumor saying that I have a problem with John: “How John Chow Ripped Me Off For $300”. Now that I’m reading this post again, I kind of understand why so many people think I have a problem with him… This post was a rant against John because he had used 3 of my caricatures from the “Who Is” post series without asking any permission and simply putting a tiny link stating that the caricatures were made “by” Dukeo.

If you’ve been reading John’s blog for more than a week, you probably know that he has his own way of presenting and twisting things to put himself under a better light. I have absolutely no problem with that: it actually requires some writing skills and is quite funny when you spot him a couple times.

I wasn’t actually mad at John, and I wrote this post just to make him understand that even though Dukeo was a very young blog at that time, it was no reason to rip my stuff (and sending the same signal to smaller bloggers who would be tempted to do the same: I have no problem going after John Chow, so I won’t have any problem going after smaller guys).

The latter goal was immediately met since I started receiving requests by email to use the caricatures on 3rd party websites. All of which has been accepted so far (No, I’m not evil. Just protecting my stuff).

However, as I was not mad at John Chow when I wrote that post about the caricatures, you can notice that I had even included some links to his blog to share some link-love (which I certainly wouldn’t have done if I was in an argument with him).

So, I’ll repeat it one more time to make it 100% clear: I have absolutely no problem with John Chow, and I totally respect his work as a blogger.

PS: From what I understood, it was no big deal on his side either since he cited Dukeo during a webinar a couple days later, as well as during a panel at BlogWorld (not 100% sure about the panel since it was reported to me by a friend but I wasn’t there myself).

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