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Social media networking sites have grown at an incredible rate.

Facebook boasts over 700 million active users, twitter has crossed a benchmark of over 50 millions tweets per day and YouTube shows an average of 300 million viewers.

With such startling numbers, it is no wonder that social media marketing is a ‘must-do’ for all online businesses – big or small.

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Social networking sites have completely revolutionized the way the world communicates.

When used strategically, social media marketing can offer remarkable results.

Here is a list of Top 5 reasons why social media marketing is imperative your business and the benefits it can offer:

Brand Recognition

If you want to create an identity for your business, social networking sites can be the perfect solution. With millions of active users from all parts of the world and from different walks of life, your company will not only gain recognition but also build a huge base of potential customers. A better brand image establishes a level of trust that can maximize your sales online and offline.

Get more Online Sales

This is an obvious yet important benefit of marketing through social networks. A large percentage of teenagers and adults prefer shopping online, as it gives them better choices and also saves time. Having a strong presence online can translate into direct lead generation. Use various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook etc. to create awareness about your products.

You can also offer discount coupons or free gifts to people who like you page, or order a product from your site. There are many creative ways to generate sales using the social media sites – use them to your advantage!

Create Brand Advocates for FREE

Actively pursuing the social channels for brand promotion and other business activities can create positive perceptions about your company. This gives you direct access to a pool of enthusiastic shoppers and brand advocates, who will freely promote your brand. These are users who engage in active forum discussions, take polls and share their brand preferences online. Word-of-mouth advertising can be beneficial for every business, as each happy customer can influence several others.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Given the widespread popularity and reach of social media, most businesses have either already joined or will soon jump onto the social media bandwagon. Therefore, it makes little sense in not leveraging a medium that your competitors are successfully using. To have a strong brand presence, you need to actively utilize the various social media platforms and stay ahead of competition.

Gain better insight into the market

Many people actively use social channels to “rant or rave” about products and companies. This is a good way to understand the market needs and create products that suit your niche audience. Sites like twitter and Facebook give you an opportunity to connect with your consumers directly, allowing you to build relationships that are deeper and more personal. This obviously results in better brand image and improved sales.

Investing in social media marketing is the need of the hour, and you cannot afford to ignore it. A well-planned and carefully implemented social media strategy can give your business a strong online presence, better brand image and maximize your profitability. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to foster healthy and strong relationship with your target audience, and enjoy long-term returns.


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