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We all have our own particular opinions regarding the differences between scrupulous Internet marketers and those who are only out to make a buck by the quickest means possible. But we’re all “Internet Marketers” regardless of how we make money online or what types of products we’re promoting. So, in your mind, what separates the good guys from the bad?

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As bloggers who are trying to make money online we’ve all seen our share of hyped up sales pages trying to con us into buying the next great “make money online” scheme and this is typically the first thing we, as bloggers, point to when we’re talking about unscrupulous Internet marketers. Those long sales pages filled with nothing but fluff and nonsense.

In some cases, we’re right. There really is no quality information on those long sales pages, which probably means there’s no quality product on the other side of the Buy Button either. As bloggers, we’ve learned to recognize these humongous sales pages for what they are – an attempt to wear the buyer down and make them feel relieved when they finally arrive at the Buy Button.

These days, more and more of those long sales pages are being replaced with a fancy landing page that includes a 20-minute sales video but in your mind it’s still the same thing, just a different style of presentation.

In you’re mind every time you land on one of these pages you’re probably instantly turned off, assuming you’ve landed on just another scammy sales page. You’ll never do business that way, right? You’d rather maintain your integrity and make fewer sales than “con” your readers into buying something they don’t really need.

But you’re making two incorrect assumptions. First, you’re assuming that every long sales page, (or short landing page with a long video) is a scam, created by an unscrupulous Internet marketer who’s only after your money. Second, you’re assuming that everyone feels the same way you do and that everyone “reads” the Internet the same way you do.

The fact is, whether you like to admit it or not, when done properly from a marketing standpoint, those long sales pages and videos work, regardless of what you’re selling.

Let’s face it. If you want to make money online then you have to sell something. It might be a physical product, a digital product, a service or advertising, but whatever it is, you’re selling it. Selling anything requires that you understand at least basic marketing techniques. And one of the most basic marketing techniques is this:

Your job is to eliminate all the obstacles between the reader and the Buy Button.

When you walk onto a car lot you have the opportunity to look that car salesman in the eye and ask him every single question you can think of. What you’re doing is subconsciously setting up obstacles that will prevent you from opening up your wallet. You’re not going to part with your cash unless you’re absolutely sure that new car will do everything you want it to do.

When the salesman answers your questions he’s doing his job – he’s eliminating the obstacles between you and that brand new car.

Now, put yourself in that salesman’s shoes and your car lot is your blog. Whether you’re trying to sell a $7 decorative candle or a $7,000 coaching class, your job is to eliminate the obstacles for the buyer. But he’s not able to ask you specific questions because you’re not standing right there in front of him. So you have to anticipate those questions and answer them on that sales page.

Not only that, you have to anticipate questions from every single person who visits your sales page. Women may have different questions then men, beginners may have different questions than more experienced buyers, people in foreign countries may have a completely different set of questions, and on and on.

Some of those sales pages you’ve seen might really be a scam but some of them might just appear that way because they’re poorly written. But make no mistake, when they’re well-written with standard, scrupulous marketing techniques in mind, they work.

So don’t judge all Internet marketers by their sales pages and don’t shy away from using sales pages just because you’ve been burned yourself. Use your experience and knowledge to create your own sales pages that reflect your integrity but also eliminate the obstacles to buying.


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  1. Bojan - Alpha Efficiency

    Well I am one. And I rock. :)

    1. Steven

      I am an internet marketer, and I love it too!

  2. Tom Rochford

    When I walk onto a car lot I know – with a high degree of certainty – that I am considering an auto purchase. The long video, long wordy pitches trap you without telling you what the product or service is.

    Tell me it’s a training course, or laundry detergent. Allow me to skip through the video to see if I am interested. The salesperson is assuming I am merely because I clicked on a link.

    Just because I go into a restaurant does not mean I’m going to order steak – be a little courteous and I might give you the time to explain your great little program.

    1. Steven

      Tom, if you’re coming from another website, the pre-sell page usually tells you what the product is about. I agree that very often the long videos don’t really tell you what the product is about before you reach the last minutes, but it’s not always the case.

  3. Tech Raft

    This is one exact same feeling that I feel everytime I visit these pages. But this is also a fact that most of the landing pages are bogus and contains no solid product to the value of money the buyer will pay for. Hence, the experince is aggregated to the level where a person (newbie) like me develops an opinion that no these are not the pages, I should be clicking buy button even by mistake, and should close them immediately. Yes, I do admit, that most of the time when I ignore a site, and later when I mistakenly visit it again, I found it more useful.

    But again, there is a clear distinction that one can identify between the shout loud low product and quality product landing pages.

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