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Two or three times a week I’ll trip over some marketing idea that makes me say, “Man! I wish I’d read this years ago.” Or I’ll need some piece of information, a file or a contact, and I’ll kick myself for not setting up a more efficient operating system when I first started working online. Oh, well… Woulda, shoulda, coulda… Here are three things I wish I’d started years ago.

Publishing on Amazon

A few months ago I tripped over a blog post talking about publishing articles on Amazon for Kindle. It was a pretty interesting article but I was busy and didn’t give it much thought at the time. Two weeks later I tripped over a totally unrelated article that talked about how easy it is to format your books for Kindle. Since formatting had always been one of the main reasons I avoided Kindle publishing, my interest was piqued.

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Then a week after that I tripped over another blog post about researching the best markets for Kindle and I was hooked. If I’d tripped over all of this information years ago I’d probably have a whole library of ebooks listed at Amazon. Now, though, I don’t have the time to devote to this dream. But, someday…

Making Contact Lists

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had kept someone’s email address. Yes, most email platforms allow you to search through discarded emails, but over the years I’ve used so many different addresses it’s impossible to remember where to search.

I’ve recently gone back to every active email address I can remember, including my domain email, and had everything forwarded to one Gmail address, and I obsessively file everything into folders now and add everyone, no matter who they are, to my contact list.

Building Up Domains

Oh, if I only had a nickel… I think my biggest, and the one thing I would really love to start doing, is blog flipping. If I had started years ago just buying one domain a month and setting up a blog, all of those domains would be nicely aged, getting some traffic, and be very valuable on the flipping market.

These days, though, it takes a lot of time to build up a quality blog. You can’t just put 20 spum posts on it and call it a blog anymore. Now you need quality content, a premium theme, a product, a list, and a whole business. But if I set aside some time to work on this, I could probably put together at least two top-notch blogs a year that I could sell for a few thousand dollars each.

But don’t let my little “Wish List” influence the way you do business. My point is – there are always going to be times when you say, “Gee, I wish…” but you can’t get bogged down in the past. And some of those ideas, like my blog flipping idea, aren’t even feasible these days. Look at your own “Wish List” and take away those items which would benefit your business now, and toss the others away.


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