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Today I’d like to speak about an issue I had to face in my early days in Internet Marketing: Information overload. This one almost had me burnt off! But thanks to a drastic decision, I was able to analyze what was going on and to take action to correct the course of things! Thanks to this, I’m still here today to speak about it and to warn you about it!


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First, you must know that I am a VERY curious person. I’m the kind of guy who likes to understand things. This helps me in the process of deciding what is important to me, whether in my everyday life or in my business life. This is my curiosity which got me started into internet marketing, and this is what keeps me interested in this industry: there is always something new to learn!

But, what may seem as a huge opportunity can become your worst enemy. As I said, there is ALWAYS something new to learn into internet marketing. This industry is just SO big. You may be interested into affiliate marketing, creating products (digital or real), ppc, ppv, social media, article writing, programming, SEO,…

To be honest, there is a good chance that you will never become an expert in any of these fields (or maybe just one), but that’s not a problem at all. I like to do the parallel with my previous job as an architect. An architect can get a house built even if he doesn’t know how to be a carpenter. You don’t need to know everything in every field. What you truly need is a global understanding of who does what. If you are able to find the right person for the right job, you can achieve anything!

That being said, if you follow a certain number of “gurus” out there, you may have the feeling that they know everything about everything. Sorry to tell you that, but this is totally false! You shouldn’t try to learn everything in every field to become successful online.

You should try to find your field of interest and stick to that. Don’t jump on the last trend just because some self-proclamed “guru” told you so in their newsletter! Following every trend that pops up in the blogosphere won’t get you anywhere. You will most likely get discouraged because you won’t achieve anything.

At some point, I was receiving 10 emails from “gurus” newsletter per day! And you know as I do that these guys are skilled salesmen! I was doing almost no work because each day I was overwhelmed with THE product which was going to let me become a millionaire overnight (or at least create a successful project).

The best decision I took was to auto-archive the guru-mails or unsubscribe from all these mailing lists. This gave me plenty of time to focus on what I REALLY had to do in order to reach success!

What about you? Do you have any trick to avoid information overload?

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  1. Dino Vedo

    Personally I say try it out.. Our brains can have lots of information, and I dont think it can/should ever be overloaded not to mention not every “guru” product is worthless either…

    1. Steven

      The problem is that dispersing your atention, you can get a lot of things started but never really master anything. And you’re definitely not going to reach success with half-baked projects…

      Not every guru product is worthless but several big guys (I’m not going to point fingers here) are pushing every single crappy ClickBank product to their list just to get their commission…

  2. Kate Kutny

    I’m also a very curious person and I love learning new things. I don’t usually read the emails I get from guru’s because I know they are trying to sell me something. But I still go to their blogs to read their articles and participate in discussions. It’s fun meeting new people with similar interests and goals.

  3. Eriii

    Great post!
    Honestly, I have been working in the online industry for a solid 3 years now and have promoted some affiliate offers and had success but MY biggest issue the overload. I tend to follow many blogs that I enjoy reading be the experts such as this one ( THANK YOU!) and it overwhelms me with new ideas everyday.
    This being said, I am ambitious, I have the capacity and the time to be successful online but because I try to jump into every project I see an expert write about I don’t end up focusing on one thing at a time and nothing gets done.

    It really is the hardest thing to get over…I am still trying.
    Thanks Steven!

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