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If you’re struggling with copywriting and can’t quite seem to get those conversions up, look no further than your nearest television for help. Of course, you’ll have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning but what blogger doesn’t enjoy pulling an all-nighter now and then. You can learn a lot about writing blog content from infomercials, so stock up on Red Bull and get the remote.

Tacky as they may seem, those infomercials work. If they didn’t we’d all be watching reruns of “I Love Lucy” and “Frazier” at 2am instead of learning how to make healthy smoothies and get our own set of six-pack abs.

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But wait. I said “tacky”, right? How can something so tacky, so utterly ridiculous and abhorrent, be so effective? Why don’t buyers see through the hype?

Because they’re not bloggers. They’re not marketers. They’re buyers. And they’re looking for anything that promises relief. Here’s how those tacky infomercials work and how you can apply them to your blog.

They Define The Problem And Immediately Offer The Solution: And not just any problem, they get right to the most egregious problem possible.

Someone selling an exercise bike might promise you’ll feel more energetic and increase your circulation, but he starts off with the cold hard facts: This machine will melt the pounds off and you will no longer be a fat, ugly, loser.

Don’t believe me? The very first thing you’ll see are the before and after images to stress exactly those selling points. They don’t show you images of people with more energy – they show you images of people who’ve suddenly become beautiful just by using their machine.

They Define Their USP: Every company has a USP – a Unique Selling Point or Perspective. Pepsico and Coca-Cola both sell a carbonated cola-flavored beverage. One markets to the sports crowd with images of football players, pep and vitality, and the other markets to the more sedate crowd with images of cute polar bears and Santa Claus.

No matter what product you’re promoting chances are there’s someone else out there who makes the exact same product but they market it to a different audience by stressing their unique selling points. You need to do the same thing. What makes your product different from your competitor’s? Give your readers a reason to buy yours.

They Repeat Their Calls To Action Frequently: Even if you’re asleep on the couch, by the time the infomercial is over the phone number or website address are firmly engrained in your memory.

There’s no shame in telling your reader what you want them to do next. In fact, they expect it. If they’ve landed on your sales page they already know you’re trying to sell something so put a button in front of their face frequently.

The job of all of your content, from the simplest blog post to the most detailed sales page, is to eliminate all obstacles between the reader and the buy button.

Your simple blog posts start by answering their basic questions. How to use it, when to use it, what will it do, and so on.

You squeeze pages force your readers into your sales funnel where they receive more detailed buying information and less fluff, and you can capture their email address for a more direct marketing campaign.

And finally, your sales page puts all the most important questions and answers there on one page. With no distracting links in the sidebar and nowhere else to turn, the reader, by virtue of clicking on the link that landed him on that page, is agreeing to listen to your sales message and telling you he’s ready and willing to buy.

So, are you ready to spend a night watching infomercials? I thought you might be. Let’s order a pizza and get started!

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