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Infolinks Review: Grow Your Profits With In-Text Advertising

In-text advertising is a fast-growing way to monetize your blog while providing relevant information for your readers. InfoLinks is one up and coming marketplace, designed to help you make the most revenue possible off of advertising via in-content links on your blog.

About InfoLinks

InfoLinks was established with the goal of providing engaged website audiences with advertisements that match their interests while reading. InfoLinks boasts the highest click through rate in the industry, and works hard to keep innovating software so that they can provide their advertisers with the highest return on investment possible, and publishers with the highest earnings possible. InLinks was established in 2007 and features five main advantages: optimized brand lift, marketing leading conversion rates, accurate contextual relevance, global reach with local precision, and the ability to create self service or custom campaigns.

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How it Works

InfoLinks works hard to create an easy experience for publishers signing up. All you have to do is create an account and then add the InfoLinks code to your website, which will take approximately 30 seconds each. Everything else is handled automatically for you.

Features and Benefits

InfoLinks has many benefits for publishers who choose to sign up. Publishers keep 70% of the revenue earned, which is a great share and higher than most advertising networks. They also don’t discriminate based on the size of the blog or require a minimum amount of pageviews per month before accepting your application. InfoLinks has an industry leading click through rate, and works hard to provide relevant content for readers, ensuring a higher level of engagement and clicks.

InfoLinks advertisements are pay per click, meaning that there isn’t a flat monthly advertising rate. This is a benefit for many bloggers – if you have great traffic, you’ll probably make more from a pay per click advertisement than a flat-rate advertisement. However, if you have a smaller amount of traffic, it might be the other way around, depending on what the payment per click is.

High levels of customization are available for publishers, including the ability to customize the color of the links, how many links per page there are, and where link-free zones should be, among other options.

InfoLinks also features easy installation, with plugins available for WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, and Joomla.

Payments from InfoLink can be requested via Paypal, bank wire transfer, and ACH, among other options. The focus with InfoLinks is creating a win-win deal for both advertisers, publishers, and readers, while using innovative technology to constantly improve the experience for everyone involved.


InfoLinks would be a great choice of an advertising network for anyone looking to start selling in-content link ads on their blog. The company is run with integrity and transparency, involving no hidden sign up fees or minimum pageviews required, and works hard to make the links relevant for readers, ensuring a higher click through rate. And the 70% revenue share rate is the highest in the industry. You’d be hard pressed to go wrong with signing up for InfoLinks.


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