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We all want to hit that Number One spot on the Google index with every single blog post we publish. However, like everything else in life, “wanting” and “doing” are two different things, and reaching most goals takes a little elbow grease. In some cases you’re never going to be able to knock that other guy out of the top spot. But he hasn’t always been there. Or has he? Maybe he was the first one on the scene, which leads to the question – Could indexation time affect WordPress SEO?

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Getting that top spot is relatively easy. I say “relatively” because it depends on your niche. Obviously, if you have a niche with a lot of competition it’s going to be a little more difficult. But basically, all you need to do is find a keyword that hasn’t been spoken for yet.

Easier said than done? Not necessarily. There are new ideas in every niche, ever day. New gadgets, new technological advances, new recipes. What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah – NEWS. If you’re staying on top of your niche you’ll always know what’s “new”, what’s happening, and you can use that to your advantage by being the first to write about this earth shattering NEWS.

While it’s important to remember that search engines indexes are constantly rolling as new content is published, being the first to write about something gives you a little lift up with the search engines, especially if you’re providing keyword rich, informative content. While no one knows for sure what Google’s algoriths are, there’s a clear indication that being first is included in the equation.

Being first also gives you the benefit of authority-building backlinks. As other bloggers start writing their articles they’re going to link to you as one of their sources. Plus, since you’re the first one on the page, searches who found your article through organic search are going to link out to you from their social networks. These backlinks help you retain that number one position.

Being the first to blog about something also impresses your readers. You were the first to know about it, the first to share it, you must really be an authority on your topic. Blogging about new and innovative ideas is what causes people to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed, again, increasing your authority with the search engines.

So yes, indexation time does affect your SEO. First, the search engines give you some authority simply because you’re first. This little boost helps you maintain that position long enough to get the competitive edge with backlinks. And while you have that number one position you’re right there under the nose of everyone doing an organic search, which also helps you maintain that position because you’re getting the traffic.

The key to being the first one to post is to stay informed about what’s happening in your niche, know your readers and constantly be aware of your keywords. When you see some new or innovative idea moving into your radar path, or if you can create that new idea yourself, jump on it. Don’t look on it as another chore or just another blog post. This is your opportunity to get that number one spot. And if you do it right, it’s yours forever.

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  1. Gaurang Joshi

    Yeah, I agree to your point that indexation do affect the SEO. But I’ve seen there are many articles written by me get indexed in seconds while some take upto hours. While in blogger platform, as soon as you hit the publish button, it gets indexed on google. That’s where Google’s being biased.

    1. Steven

      Well, some people tend to forget that Google is not some kind of generous philanthropic organization. Google is a company that makes money. I don’t see where is the problem with them being biased and having better support for their own services…

  2. Lisa

    Interesting,I found the same thing as Gaurang. It makes me wonder sometimes if we should not use Blogger more?

    1. Steven

      I don’t really use Blogger anymore because I prefer having full control over my websites and content, but hey, that’s up to you Lisa :)

  3. Jacob Curtis

    This reminds me of a current post I’m working on comparing being the blogger who is the “first to write about a new release” to the first people to find gold in the 1949 Gold Rush in California.

    Once word of BREAKING NEWS spreads and bloggers begin to write their own “how to’s” on the subject, the search engine results get super saturated with relatively the same content.

    To improve indexation, I typically share the article on Google Plus as well as using webmaster tools “fetch as Google” to expedite the process as soon as it’s published.

    1. Steven

      The “news effect” brings an incredible amount of traffic.. but to be the first writing about something, you either have to never sleep, know a lot of people, constantly be on “the watch” or have staff writers.

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