Increased Reach 9 Tactics To Grow Your Blog Reach Beyond Family And Friends

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Tired of seeing that daily comment from your mom? “Nice post, honey. Don’t forget to eat your vegetables.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Every blogger has a comment from mom haunting his first blog.

Here are nine things you can do to make sure your next blog post is read by more than your mother.

1 – Tweet it: Get out there and Tweet it yourself. Keep it under 120 characters so there’s room for others to Re-Tweet your link. And Tweet more than once a day. I generally tweet a new post 4 times throughout the day, changing the wording a little each time. This helps get your Tweet seen by people in different time zones.

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2 – Use it to update your Facebook status: Just copy and past the link to your post into your Facebook status bar and your post image, title and link will appear as your status. I usually post the same link twice a day on Facebook.

3 – Pitch it to another blogger: If you think your post would be valuable and relevant for another blogger, send him an email pitch. Don’t ask for a link or any type of promotion. Just tell him why you think he might be interested and give him a link to your post.

4 – Write guest posts: This is one of my favorite methods for drawing attention to a blog post. I frequently write guest posts and relevant posts for my own blog and publish them at the same time, or as close to the same time as possible.

5 – Send it to another Twitter user: Pitch another Twitter user with your post. Use the @ symbol and send him a link and chances are he’ll Re-Tweet your message.

6 – Bookmark it: Don’t overlook the popular social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit. Make sure you have these sharing buttons on your blog, too. It only takes on person to bookmark your post and the traffic starts rolling in.

7 – Put the link in your signature: Put a link in your forum signatures and in your email signatures.

8 – Use a strong call to action: Include a strong call to action at the end of the post that encourages readers to share it. Make sure sharing buttons are prominently displayed and working.

9 – Make sure it’s easy to share: Give your readers plenty of sharing options and put those buttons right at the bottom of the post so readers can easily share as soon as they’re finished reading. Those sharing buttons are important. Most of your readers have no clue how to copy and paste a URL into Twitter or Facebook or any of the other social sharing sites. So if you want someone other than your mother reading your blog, you’ll make sharing as easy as possible for everybody.

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  1. Ivin Viljoen

    Hello Steven. I like the cheeky mom rendition. I remember my first blog. My first comment (which was encouraging) was from my godmother. It was a tough subject I wrote about and got good traffic, but with it controversy and a lot of opposite opinions. It was fun but the tension eventually got to me. So the comment was really encouraging.

  2. Miss Sara

    I like most of your suggestions, but I won’t @ ppl on twitter OR email those other than my email subscribers. Those are spammy. I’d rather comment on others posts to gain more traffic. I’m also not comfortable asking ppl to share my posts… There are many times that I would have shared someone’s status update or tweet, but then they ASKED for it to be shared & I didn’t just because.

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