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The average visitor views 1.7 pages when he visits a blog and it’s been estimated that he has to read at least 7 pages before he’ll be tempted to take action. That means he’s either going to have to come back to your blog 4 or 5 more times or you’re going to need to find a way to keep him on your blog longer. Here are 10 strategies to increase page views and make your blog a little stickier.

1. Link To Related Posts – One way to keep readers on your blog is to point them in the direction of related content. One question often leads to another and if you can anticipate those questions you’ll look like a star. If you’re using WordPress there are plug-ins that enable you to automatically include links to relevant content at the end of every post.

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2. Link Inside Your Content – Personally, I find it’s sometimes more effective to link to relevant content directly from your article. Many visitors just don’t have the time to read multiple blog posts so they ignore those related links at the end. But if the link is right there in the middle of the post they’re reading they’ll likely click over and see if it’s worth their time.

3. Highlight Key Content In Hotspots – If you’re saving that top spot in your sidebar for an ad, that’s fine – as long as that ad’s bringing in the income to pay for that space. If not, use that space to highlight some of the key content on your blog.

4. Create Compilation Posts – Use category-specific list posts to send readers to multiple pages on your blog. For best results, all links should be relevant to one specific topic. This is also a great post to highlight in one of your hotspots.

5. Create Series Posts – Series posts keep your readers coming back for the next installment and once you’ve completed the series you can also create a compilation post for those new readers that come in after the series is over.

6. Use Excerpts On Your Homepage – People are becoming more comfortable with blogs and they understand they need to click through to read the post in it’s entirety. Using excerpts on your homepage lets new visitors see more of your recent content.

7. Use Excerpts On Your RSS Feed – I’m on the fence when it comes to using excerpts in your RSS feed. On the one hand, I think many people subscribe for the convenience of being able to see everything in their feed reader without having to click around to various blogs. On the other hand, if you use excerpts in your feed it has the same effect as using them on your homepage – the reader can see more of what you have to offer and click through on everything he likes.

8. Enable Links In RSS Feeds – Enabling links in your RSS feeds just makes it that much easier for subscribers to get back to your blog. If you’re using full posts in your feed they really don’t need to visit, unless, of course, you link to something interesting!

9. Publish Frequently – Here at Dukeo I publish at least 5 new posts each day. Each of those posts uses links to lead readers deeper into my blog and each also encourages comments. Tracking my stats I can see that many people visit my blog 5 or six times a day just to see what’s going on in the comments. Activity breeds activity.

10. Publish Only High-Quality Content – If you want your visitors to view multiple pages then you need to make sure that the first page they land on grabs their attention. Since you never know when a new visitor is going to arrive and what page they’re going to land on, every post on your blog should be the highest-quality content you can produce. Always.

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