Increase Open Rate How to Craft an Email Title That People Can’t Resist

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Increase Open Rate: How to Craft an Email Title That People Can’t Resist

It doesn’t matter how many thousands of subscribers you have, if they’re not opening your emails then you’re not making any sales. While some might say it all comes down to the content of your message, you and I both know your first priority is getting them to open the darn email. So let’s take a look at what you can do to craft an email title that will increase your open rate and get your subscribers to read your message.

Get to the Point – Fast!

Go to your own email inbox right now and take a look at your inbox. Chances are, a lot of the subject lines are cut off mid-message. Different email platforms have different display options, too. Some will only show the first 50 characters, some the first 70 or 80. Some will go as high as 100 characters and others will show as few as 30.

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a subject line that gets your message across in as few characters as possible. (Try to stick around the 50-70 character range.)

Put the most important information first and take time crafting your emails so you can get all the details in there. Eliminate unnecessary adverbs and adjectives will leave you more room for action words like “Hurry in. Supplies limited!”

This works even better if you always use the same Sender Name on your emails. Your subscribers will know who the email is from, so you won’t have to waste characters in the Subject line identifying yourself.

Personalize Your Subject Line

Statistics show that personalizing your email subject lines improves your open rate by at least 20%. Most email service providers have prompts that allow you to add the subscribers name. However, studies also show that most subscribers prefer you only use their first name. Using their last name, too, makes some subscribers nervous about privacy issues.

If at all possible, try to allow room at the beginning of the subject line for personalization.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency always helps to increase your open rates, but you also need to be careful. So many people communicate via text messaging and the social networks these days and a lot of people only look at their email once or twice a week.

A good example would be – “Discount prices on Ebooks – Act now while supplies last”. A bad example would be – “Discount prices on Ebooks – Sale ends at midnight tonight.”

In the second example, your subscriber might see that the email was received yesterday or two days ago, and since it says the sale ends at midnight he’s not even going to bother opening.

So create a sense of urgency, but don’t put limitations on it.

Avoid Words and Characters that Send Your Emails to the Spam Folder

For those subscribers who’ve white listed your emails, this isn’t typically a problem. However, some do have tight spam filters on their computers so it’s best to try to avoid words and characters that will trip those filters and send your emails directly to the spam file. Words and characters like – Urgent, Money, Dollars, $$$, !!! *** – and so on, will trip those filters.

Most reputable email service providers will check your subject lines first and they won’t even let you send if there’s a problem.

Deliver on Your Promises

Make sure you’re delivering what you promise in your subject lines. New subscribers will always open the first two or three emails. But if you’re playing bait-and-switch with your subject lines and content, they won’t continue to open for long.


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