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Inactive List Subscribers: How to Re-engage Them

Email marketing can be a pretty stressful business, so it’s always nice to take some time out and now and then. When you do go away you may find that your good results suffer as a consequence, and that people become less receptive to your email messages and offers once you get back.

On every list there will be some level of inactive subscribers, so it’s up to you to reengage them and get them going again!

How do I reengage subscribers?

It’s the million dollar question really – if there was one uniform answer we’d all be doing it in order to make a little bit more money. Typically though, some of the suggestions below could well help reengage your list:

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  • Run a competition or give away
  • Offer money off vouchers for use on your site
  • Ask for their opinion on something

These are just a few ideas, and the type of list that you run will depend on what will motivate your subscribers.
Subscribers love it when you give things away – after all who can say no to a freebie?

Another thing to remember is that money talks – so if your list is built from an ecommerce store, you might want to give your list the opportunity to spend X amount on your site, in turn receiving a discount of 10%, or similar.

Finally, list users love to feel valued – if you ask them for their opinion on a topic you can be sure they will give it to you. This is a great way to reengage your subscribers. Make sure you listen to their opinion when they give it to you.

Once you’ve reengaged inactive subscribers…

Once you’ve reengaged inactive subscribers it’s your job to keep them engaged. You should send out frequent messages that are of interest to them, and keep them stimulated. You can send them links to new products or blogs on your site, you can run competitions for them – or you can just send out messages asking if any of them would like you to coach them personally.

Reengaging inactive users is a pretty tough job, so you don’t want to be doing it all of the time. Once you’ve reengaged users you need to pull out all of the stops in order to keep them interested in your marketing emails going forward.

You will always experience a few subscribers dropped off here and there, but this is only to be expected. Where possible you should try and replace those lost subscribers with new list signups. How you go about generating new signups is of course up to you.

Having a huge email list is great, but if the majority of the subscribers are completely inactive then your messages are likely to be falling on deaf ears. Do your best to keep your subscribes engaged at all times, and if you do notice response rates dropping off, immediately implement some form of strategy to reengage those users who have lost interest.

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