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Every award-winning athlete will tell you, you’re only the champion until someone comes along who’s better than you. And someone will always come along, it’s only a matter of time. Your award-winning blog posts are the same – they’re only going to stay at the top of the index until one of your competitors comes along and writes something even better. And it’s only a matter of time before your older posts lose their Google rankings, now matter how great they are.

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But some of the best, top-ranking posts on the Google index were written years ago. How do they manage to retain that top position for so long? How do they work their WordPress SEO? Surely, somewhere along the line, someone’s written something that’s as least as good, if not even better. Here are 5 easy steps you can use to improve Google rankings for your older posts, assuming, of course, they’re still relevant and filled with good quality information.

Link to them from a new post

You don’t want to just re-write that original blog post, you’re trying to bring it back from the dead. Take one or two key points from the original and use them as the focus of a new post. Then, include an anchor text link back to the blog post you’re trying to revive and send your readers there for more information. This link will improve your on-site SEO, as well as increase traffic to that older post.

Do whatever you have to do to promote this new article to the top – article marketing or whatever link building strategy you use – and it will help pull the older post back to the top, too.

Create an archive page

The biggest problem with blogs is, once your posts reach a certain age they become almost impossible to find. If you’re blogging with WordPress there are several archive plug-ins you can use to set up a detailed page with links to all the content you’ve ever posted. This makes it easier for your readers to find those oldies but goodies.

Put a link in the sidebar

Use a widget or block of code to create an area in your sidebar for posts you want to highlight. Dust off those oldies but goodies and bring them out into the spotlight.

Add links to your existing high-ranking posts

You should be able to tell by looking at your analytics which of your posts are getting the most traffic. Match up current big-traffic generators with those past high-ranking posts and add in links to send your visitors to the older content. I never publish an article or post without having 2 or 3 other links to send my readers to. One, they appreciate the additional information. And two, it keeps them on your site longer.

Put them in a special category and add them to your automated feeds

Of course, the best way to improve Google rankings is to get people linking to your content. And the best way to do that is to share it around. I use Twitterfeed to automate some of my Twitter and Facebook content and you’d be amazed at the traffic it can bring in.

But most of the automation products don’t reach all the way back into your archive for those really juicy blog posts. Set up a special category on your blog for that older content and use that separate category feed to drip your older blog posts out over Twitter and Facebook.

And don’t worry about the posting dates that show up on these older articles. People don’t care when it was posted as long as it’s still relevant, great quality information.

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  1. Brent Carnduff

    Hey Steven.
    Good article. Linking to old articles seems like an obvious way of reviving them, but was not a strategy I had consciously thought of – I like. I’m curious – can you manually send older articles through Triberr?

    1. Dj Thistle

      It would be great to send old post back through Triberr but I’m not sure how much your tribe-mates would appreciate that.

      If you could favorite posts on Triberr that would cool. Then I could go back from time to time and resend those posts that I really enjoyed out to my network.

      Thanks for the tips Steven!


    2. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Brent.

      I have no idea about the Triberr thing so I can’t really tell you.

  2. Rajesh Namase

    Very nice article, I always add link to old post (internal links), it helps to increase Google ranking, PageRank and helps to reduce the bounce rate.

    1. Steven

      Absolutely! Interlinking your blog posts will always increase your posts’ rankings.

  3. Carolyn

    Great advice! I’ve just started taking advantage of my Buffer account to tweet older posts. I tried using Tweet Old posts, but I didn’t have control over what get tweeted when.

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips, Steven!

    1. Steven

      Well… With tweet old post you don’t get control over each tweet that get posted but don’t you trust the quality of your own content?

  4. Carolyn

    No, Steven, I really don’t have confidence in my old posts. If I tweeted out a review of the iPad 2 or Halloween apps today, I would look quite silly. You’re supposed to be able to exclude categories but that isn’t foolproof.

    1. Steven

      Oh I see… In that case it makes sense. You can always create an “excluded” category and assign it to all the posts you don’t want to get retweeted.

  5. Carolyn

    Yes, I tried that, but some leaked out even though they were in my excluded category. Better to use Buffer and tweet manually.

    1. Steven

      Oh ok, I didn’t know that some post could still leak with this system.

  6. Ian Cleary

    Some great tips. Here are a couple more:

    a). Review your posts in google analytics to see which ones are driving traffic. See if you can improve your title meta tag to optimize it further so these posts get ranked higher.

    b). Create a new posts which is a collection of old posts e.g. top 10 posts on twitter.

    c). Create a new category of posts and promote them.


    1. Steven

      This is great advice Ian. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dwayne Kilbourne

    Great stuff as always!

    1. Steven

      This is how I roll: deliver, deliver, deliver ;)

  8. Sue Neal

    Hi there – some great ideas here, Steven – but like Carolyn, I prefer to tweet manually and retain control over what goes out.

    I also think you have to be careful about putting posts into a new category – you’d have to remove them from their original category or you risk creating duplicate content.

    Thanks for a very interesting post,


    1. Steven

      The duplicate content issue depends on 2 factors: do you display full posts or just excerpts on your category pages, and do you noindex your category pages.

  9. Sue Neal

    Good points, Steven – I just display excerpts on my category pages – but those excerpts would be duplicated if I put posts into more than one category, wouldn’t they?

    Do you have a policy of noindexing your category pages?


    1. Steven

      I do let my category pages get indexed. I think that if you display only excerpts on them, you should be fine with duplicate content.

      1/ The page is different from your Date Archives since they are organised by categories.
      2/ The page is different from your Post pages since there are only excerpts.

  10. Swayam Das

    Great method to bring the dead back to life :) Thanks!

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