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I sometimes have days where I sit down at my desk and, even though I have a list of things to do, I just don’t know where to start. I’m sure you’ve had days like that, too. We all have “things to do” but sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Still, you have to do something, right? Otherwise we Type A personalities would just go crazy. So, when I have days like that, I put my list aside and work on stuff that matters.

Now, the definition of “stuff that matters” varies for me from day to day. It probably does for you, too. Some days I feel like focusing on my business, doing something new and exciting to move it forward. Other days, I might realize it’s been a while since I’ve connected with friends or family and that becomes “something that matters” for the day.

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Personally, I can usually tell the difference, and you probably can, too. If it’s been a while since you took a personal day then no matter how hard you try nothing “exciting” seems to come to mind regarding your business. You just don’t feel like looking at your computer – at all and you suddenly realize it’s been a while since you spent some time with your friends or family.

On other days, though, it’s painfully obvious to me that I want to spend some quality time looking toward future of my business. But what are the “things that matter” when you’re talking about your business? Because I’m not talking about day-to-day stuff like writing blog posts and promoting your blog. We both know those things are important but remember, this is one of those days where we’re either all caught up or we just don’t feel like tackling that day-to-day list.

When I’m ready to work on “stuff that matters” for my business, I like to sit down and visualize and I ask myself: If I knew I was going to be successful and make all the money I needed for the rest of my life, if it was guaranteed, what type of business would I start? What do I want to be known for?

The key is to automatically assume you’re going to be successful, no matter what route you choose. Instead of saying, “Well, I’m going to start a gaming site because I’ve heard that people make very good money with those” what type of site or business would you really like to start? What matters to you?

I guess it goes back to the idea that you should start a business or website or blog that’s based on something you’re passionate about. Too many people start a business based on how much money they think it can make and then a couple of months into it they lose interest because they find the topic boring and dull.

When you’re building an online business, once you have the knowledge, you can be successful no matter what direction you go. So the key is to know, without a doubt, that you’re going to be successful, and choose to work on something that matters to you.


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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Being in love with what you do online makes it much easier to find the distinction. Good points here Steven.

    Some days you let go and some days you knife through the resistance. Either way your compass gets more powerful when you really love what you do, because at this point you know when it is time to take a break.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for that comment Ryan! Staying focused on stuff that you love is essential. Don’t lose your direction…

  2. Mike De Greef

    Indeed, when you work something you pasionate in you get good in it. And work isn’t really work. And boredom doesn’t come so quickly. Succes will come faster.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Mike! You’re right, if you enjoy your work, work is never work :)

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