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How To Start A Money-Making Blog In Less Than 5 Minutes (Step-By-Step Guide)

The following guide will teach you how to easily create a blog on your own.

You may not be aware of it, but I have generated millions of dollars in sales for various businesses online, and it all started with a blog.

Want to know the best thing about it? Starting a blog costs only a few dollars per month. That’s probably less that you spend on coffee in a day.

To make the process as easy as possible for you, I have personally negotiated some discounted prices with my favorite hosting company: BlueHost.

Since my readers are so special to me, I went above and beyond to convince BlueHost to also offer you a free domain when you signup through my link.

Please be aware that I have no idea how long these special prices will be available, so act fast!

Click on this link to get your special discount with BlueHost, then follow this guide to know exactly what you should do.

When you want to start a blog for a low price, you can’t go wrong by choosing BlueHost as your hosting provider. BlueHost is a user-friendly company that offers a high-quality and reliable service. They’ve never disappointed me.

Starting a blog has been the best decision of my entire life.

I’ve been working online since 2007, and I have generated millions of dollars in sales as an affiliate for a number of online businesses.

To be honest, I have had my ups and downs, but the one thing that started my online career was creating my very first blog.

Working online gives me the freedom that I had always been dreaming of, but never thought I could achieve.

I am able to work from home, from a coffee shop, from a restaurant, from the beach, from a park, or literally any other place.

I can set my own hours and take a day off whenever I feel like it, either to take some rest or spend time with my loved ones.

Best of all, I am able to travel and live anywhere around the world. I have been living in several Asian countries since 2011, and I can move to a new place tomorrow, I just take my online job with me.

Before taking the leap, I wasn’t even sure this whole “make money online” was real, but after 15 years doing it, I can assure you that anyone can make money online.

I will never regret taking the first step and creating my first blog in 2007. I finally have the life I always wanted.

And, to be honest, I was able to make back the money I paid to BlueHost for hosting so fast that I don’t even know why I waited so long to get started.

BlueHost is one of the best web hosting companies available.

They’ve been in business since way before I even got started online, so I can assure you that they know their business inside and out.

If you signup through the following link, you can start your own blog for as low as $3.95 per month.

The folks at BlueHost have also agreed to give you a domain completely for free if you purchase a hosting plan for 12 months or more. (That’s a $15 value right there).

I highly recommend that you signup for at least 12 months with BlueHost. You will get your free domain, as well as save a good amount of money.

It’s extremely affordable, and there are no strings attached.

If at any time you feel like working online is not for you, you can simply ask for a refund, even after 11 months, and BlueHost will refund you. No questions asked.

You may be thinking “why not start blogging completely for free with Blogger or Tumblr?

With 15 years of online work under my belt, I can confidently tell you that it’s a terrible idea, and you will probably never make a cent online if you go down that path.

If your goal is to make some money online, either a little side income or several times a “normal” full-time income, then paying for your hosting with BlueHost is a must.

Making money on Blogger, Tumblr, or any type of free blogging platform is extremely difficult, and even sometimes forbidden by their rules.

In the few rare cases when it’s not strictly forbidden by the blogging platform, advertisers and affiliate companies will not see you as professional and they will never do business with you.

I mean, put yourself in their shoes for a second: would you do business with someone who doesn’t even want to invest $3.95 in their own future? I don’t think so.

On the other end, by making a very small investment and paying for your hosting with BlueHost, you get your own domain name for free, a well as full control over your own blog. You can run any advertisements you want, affiliate links, get direct advertisers. The opportunities to make money are endless.

I honestly believe that BlueHost is currently one of the best hosting providers you will ever find online.

But if you still have doubts about signing up with BlueHost to host your blog on your own personal domain, here are a few reasons that should make it a no-brainer:

  1. The signup process is extremely simple if you follow my guide below.
  2. BlueHost makes it very easy to install and use a WordPress blog for anyone.
  3. If you have any question or need help with anything, BlueHost offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. By signing up through this link for 12 months or more, you will get access to one of the most affordable web hosting companies ever.
  5. You will receive your own domain name for free.
  6. You will be able to install and use WordPress for free with your BlueHost plan.
  7. You will appear professional to your readers, clients, and companies you want to do business with.
  8. You will be able to monetize your website any way you want by being self-hosted.
  9. BlueHost no questions asked refund guarantee” means that you can get a refund at any time (even after 11 months), by just asking for it.

There are many hosting companies out there, but BlueHost is the one I decided to personally endorse because of the quality of their service. To put it simply, they never disappoint. This is why so many bloggers choose BlueHost for their hosting needs.

Now that you understand all the benefits you’ll receive by signing up with BlueHost, it’s time to take a step forward. This is the first step on the way to making money online.

I have tried to do the best job possible to provide you with a detailed guide below to get started with your blog. But if you signup with BlueHost through my link and are confused with any step of the process, simply contact me and I will reply to you as soon as possible to help you get started.

Step 1: Visit BlueHost

The very first step to get your own blog is to click the following button to visit BlueHost website.

To be 100% honest with you, this is an affiliate link and I do receive a commission when you signup with BlueHost through that link. The upside is that you will gain access to some special discounts exclusive for my blog readers, a well as receive your own free domain name. Use this affiliate link as a way to thank me for putting together this guide. I will be forever grateful (and it will help me pay my rent).

Step 2: Get Started

Once you are on the BlueHost website, the fun begins. Things are really starting now. You will soon have your own blog.

First of all, click on the big green “Get started now” button.


Step 3: Select Your Plan

The next step is pretty straight-forward: you need to select the type of hosting plan you want.

The “Basic” package is most likely all you will need if you want the cheapest price to start your own blog.

You will be able to pay as little as $3.95 per month if you signup for 36 months, $4.95 per month if you signup for 24 months, or $5.95 per month if you signup for 12 months.

Please keep in mind that you need to signup for 12 months or more if you want to receive your own domain name for free, and you will be able to cancel at any time and get a refund with no questions asked if making money online is not for you.

When you’re just starting online, the Basic plan is really all you need. You will be able to upgrade later to a Plus or Pro plan if you need and just pay the difference.

Select the Basic plan and let’s move on to the next step :)


Step 4: Choose Your Domain Name

It is now time to choose your domain name. This is an exciting step, but not the easiest one since this is the name of your website and your readers will recognize you through that name.

There is no right or wrong way of picking the right domain name, just pick something that sounds nice to you.

I have only one rule when it comes to choosing a new domain name: pick one that is easy to spell over the phone. When you will talk to people either face to face or on the phone, it will make your life a lot easier if it doesn’t take them 15 minutes to understand your website name.

Simply input the name you want in the “new domain” box, then click on the “next” button.


Step 5: Complete The Signup Process

This next step is divided in 3 easy parts. Just follow this guide for an explanation about each part, and complete them one by one.

Step 5-1: Account Information

This part is rather simple: just input your personal details in the form (First name, last name, address, phone, and email address).


Step 5-2: Package Information

Next is an important step: setting up the details of your hosting package.

I would personally advise you to signup for 36 months to get the cheapest price possible ($3.49 per month). However, it’s important to note that BlueHost charges you for the full the 36 months upfront, so if it is too much money for you, simply select the 24 months ($3.95 per month) or 12 months plan ($4.95 per month).

Please keep in mind that you need to signup for 12 months or more if you want to receive your own domain name for free, and you will be able to cancel at any time and get a refund with no questions asked if making money online is not for you.

After you select your billing plan, I would advise you to uncheck all the boxes for the extra services, except the “Domain privacy protection“. You don’t really need these extras at this point (and you can add them later to your account if you need). “Domain privacy protection” however is quite important as it allows you to keep your personal information private.


Step 5-3: Billing Information

You’re almost done! Finally, input your credit card information, check the box to confirm that you’ve read the terms of services, and click on the “submit” button.


Step 6: Choose Your Password

Before being able to choose the password for your BlueHost account, you may or may not be presented with another page to offer you some additional services.

At this point, I would advise you to skip the extra services until you get a good understanding of the basics of owning your own website.

If you see that page with extra offers, make sure nothing is selected and hit the green “complete” button.

You will then be prompted to select the password for your account.

Make sure you use a new password and complicated enough so it cannot be guessed by an ill-intended person, and write it down on a piece of paper so you never lose it.

Congratulations! You officially have a BlueHost account.

Step 1 to 6: A Quick Recap

Keep in mind that setting up a WordPress blog on BlueHost is very easy and cheap.

It’s time for a quick recap of the steps you’ve taken so far:

  1. Visit BlueHost and click the “Get started now” button,
  2. Select the hosting package you are interested in (if you’re just starting online, the “basic” plan will be more than enough),
  3. Input the name you want in the “new domain” box, then click on the “next” button,
  4. Type in your personal information (First name, last name, address, phone, and email address),
  5. Setup the details of your hosting package (Select 36 months for $3.49 per month, 24 months for $3.95 per month, or 12 months for $4.95 per month),
  6. Uncheck all extra options except “Domain privacy protection(it allows you to keep your personal information private),
  7. Add your billing details, check the terms of service, and click the “submit” button,
  8. Skip the other extra services, and type in a strong password to protect your account (write it down on a piece of paper to make sure you never lose it).

Step 7: Login Your Account

Now that your account has been created, you need to log into your BlueHost account for the first time.

If you can’t locate the login page, BlueHost just sent you a link in your “welcome email“.

Make sure you’re logging into “hosting” and not “webmail“, type in your domain name and password, then click on the blue “submit” button.


Step 7: Install WordPress

You are almost done with installing your very own website! This is most likely the step that you’ve been waiting for. To install your WordPress blog on BlueHost then continue reading.

Don’t get intimidated at this point, you’ve already done the hardest part. Bluehost makes it very easy to create a WordPress blog and it is completely free.

Step 7-1: Navigate to Installer

After logging into your account, the first thing you need to do is locate the WordPress installation link, and click on it.

When you login for the first time, you might see a welcome message. You can simply close it to get the real fun started.


Step 7-2: Start Installation

Now this should be really easy: on the following page, simply click on the green “install” button.


Step 7-3: Select Your Domain

Select which domain you would like to install WordPress to.

Make sure you use the “www” version of your domain, leave the “directory” box empty, then click on the “check domain” button.


Step 7-4: Input Blog Information

Finally, check the “show advanced options” box. It will show you a grey box where you have to input some very important information about your new blog: your blog name, your username, and your password.

It is very important that you choose something secure for your username and password. Do not use “admin” as your login! (This is the first thing hackers will try when intending to hack your website). I would advise you to create and username and a password that are combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and even special characters such as “dot”, “hyphen”, or “underscore”.

Do not forget to check the “Automatically create a new database for this installation” box, unless you already have a different database (if you don’t know, then you probably do not).

Check the “terms and conditions” box, and finally click the green “install now” button.


Within less than a minute, your new blog will be installed and ready to go!


Well done! It’s time to congratulate yourself. You are the proud owner of a WordPress blog.

When the installation process is complete, you will receive another email from BlueHost that includes some very important information: your website URL, your WordPress admin login URL, and your WordPress login username.

This email is extremely important, so make sure you save it for later reference.

It’s time to visit the login page of your WordPress blog, and start building your blog.

Now that you have your own blog, you might be interested to learn where to start with WordPress. The development team of WordPress has put together a very nice step-by-step guide called First Steps With WordPress, where you can learn all the basics to manage your blog.

Welcome to the blogging family!

PS: If you have any issue when following the steps in this guide, please send me a message through my contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible to help you getting started with your blog.


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    1. Steven

      Thanks a lot Brian. I have put a lot of effort into writing this guide.

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    1. Steven

      The Home Keywords go into the Meta Keywords Tag. For Meta Description, you have to set the Home Description.

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    1. Steven

      Absolutely! I struggled when I first started and I feel like it’s totally normal that I help people get started if I can.

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    kudos to you man keep up the good work

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    I admit a few things went over my head, but, I can do with a back seat driver. (My son who is legally blind can hold my hand with your great instructions.)

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      Let me know if you have any specific questions :)

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    I truly appreciate this article. Having just started my blog and being quite clueless in terms of tech skills, I read it front to back and upside down. Priceless information. Thanks for sharing that! I merged in at getting the plugins for WordPress, as I already had a domain name and a wordpress site. Yet: if hosted @ wordpress itself no plugins are alowed, it seems. What would you suggest me to do?

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    1. Steven

      I would suggest you to register with a real hosting that will give you more control over your own blog.

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      Thanks for the kind words Alex! I have put a ton of work into this guide to help every person who wants to start a blog!

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      I introduce these subjects because they are part of starting a blog. I’ll get into more details in other guide specifically on these topics.

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      Thanks for the kind words Sam. I try my best to help people achieve success!

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    1. Steven

      Hey Lili, there is no absolute answer to your question. The income you can expect will most likely be proportional to the effort you put into your blog. If you work only a few hours per week on your blog, you’re not going to become an online millionaire, but you could make some extra cash that will help make ends meet.

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    All the best for next year!

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      Wow Barbara… Thank you so much for your nice words. I am always happy to help people with their blog. I thrive to see people start their journey with making money online. This is the most exciting thing ever!

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