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How to Make Money with a Party Planning Online Service

There are people all over the world who love to throw parties, they just hate to plan them. And then there are people all over the world who love the hustle and bustle of putting together the best bash in town. If you’re in the second group and you’re looking for an exciting business opportunity, you can make money with an online party planning service.

There are people out there spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on their kid’s 8th birthday party these days. So you can imagine what they’re spending on their 50th anniversary party or the office Christmas party. And when you’re spending money like that, you want a lot more than balloons, streamers and a cake. With money like that, you want to host an event to be remembered.

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But not everyone was born with that party planner gene. They don’t have time, they have no idea how to choose a menu or how to shop for food to serve 100 people. They don’t have a clue how to pull a bash fit for royalty together but that’s exactly what they want. If you’ve got that planning gene, you can help these people out and make some good money in the process.

If you’re going to be working online then you’re obviously going to need a website. You’ll want to make sure you have your contact information right there at the top of your home page. List your home phone number and an emergency number, as well as your physical address and a good, solid email address.

Since this is a party planning business you should have an exciting website that reflects the type of parties you’ll handle. If you’re only going to handle parties for children then you should have a colorful, fun site with clowns or balloons or something kid-oriented. If you do wedding planning then you’ll want a more professional looking site. You get the picture.

How much should you charge?

Actually, you’re in a much better position because you’re setting your business up online. You can make your fees absolutely clear and avoid a lot of confusion. People just starting out in the party planning business tend to make one big mistake – they don’t charge enough for their services. After they get done paying for decorations, food, transportation and hired help, they sometimes even end up in the hole.

The first thing you need to do before you set your fees is decide exactly what services you’re going to offer.

Create basic packages

It also helps if you create some basic pacakges with a theme. Vampire parties for teens or super hero parties for the younger crowd. On your website, list exactly what you’ll provide – a cake, decorations, paper plates and utensils, a game or entertainment, etc. , and the number of people that package will serve. For example, you might have a package for a Vampire Party for 12 guests.

Now, actually go shopping for everything you’d need for that particular party so you can see how much it costs. Add in the cost of gasoline for transportation to and from the party, any wages you’ll have to pay your helpers, and even allow a margin for inflation or emergencies. Now, calculate, too, how much time you’ll be spending on this party because your time is also worth money. Then, add in your profit – don’t forget the profit – and you’ll have a package price that’s easy for your website visitors to understand!

Create a Stand Alone price list, too

When you’re planning parties you should always expect the unexpected. You’re going to have people asking you to do all sorts of things – can you cook the food, can you hang the decorations, will you provide a bar tender. If you’re unprepared for these questions then tell the client you’ll have to check into it and you’ll call them back. Never give them a price for a service right off the top of your head. Chances are you’ll be wrong and you’ll end up losing money.

As you gain more experience you can start adding some stand alone pricing to your website. Some services you might want to consider are:

  • Bartending
  • Equipment rental – chocolate fountains, folding chairs, etc.
  • Hourly rates for decorating and clean up
  • Travel expenses for parties outside your regular area

The party planning business will always be fun and profitable and having a website to promote your business will only make you that much more popular. Before you know it your parties will be the talk of the town.

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