How to Make Money Through Online Competitions

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How to Make Money Through Online Competitions

Are you one of those people who think online competitions are all a scam? I mean, some of them seem way too good to be true, right? A new computer or a new car, just for handing over your email address? Why would an advertiser do something that ridiculous? Because the bigger the prize the more people participate. Those contests are real and you really can make money through online competitions.

Somewhere, way back at the dawn of time, some caveman figured out that if he offered all of his cave buddies a chance to win a brand new wheel just for carving their name on his wall, they’d probably do it. And when someone actually won that wheel and showed it to all of his buddies, that caveman noticed that all those cave guys who carved their name on his wall started following him wherever he went. They helped him start fires and kill woolie mammoths. And all because one of them won a prize.

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Fast forward to the 21st Century and the prizes might seem a little more extravagant but the concept is the same. Offering up a brand new car, a brand new Apple iPad, a year’s worth of mortgage payments or free groceries for life might sound like a ridiculously high pay off just for turning over your email address. And that’s why some people think online competitions are all a scam.

But the advertisers know three things:

  1. If they want a lot of people to enter their contest they need to offer a really attractive prize – and the bigger the prize the better.
  2. By offering such a big prize, and then actually awarding it to some lucky winner, they’re developing a loyal following for their brand or product.
  3. After the contest is over they’re going to have a huge list of email addresses they can market to – forever.

So to the advertiser it really doesn’t matter how big the prize is or how much it costs. All that matters is getting people to enter their contest. When you see those online competitions that sound too good to be true – they’re the real deal. And the only way you can make money with those competitions is to enter them.

Now, how do you win those online competitions? Well, most of them are pretty easy to enter. Generally, the person running the contest is only asking for your name and email address. But sometimes you might be required to answer a multiple choice question or take a survey. It’s never anything really difficult because the advertiser wants you to feel that you have a equal chance at winning.

But there are two key points to remember when entering online competitions:

  1. Be very careful to follow the rules – Some of those contests are going to have million of entries that will have to be sorted. One way advertisers immediately thin the herd is by eliminating every entry that doesn’t exactly follow the rules. So before you do anything, read the rules all the way through and make sure you understand exactly what you have to do.

    Don’t even enter your name until you check the rules. Remember those trick quizzes your teacher used to give when you were in high school? You put your name at the top of your paper and then dove right in. After 45 minutes of sweating, you came to the very last question and it said ‘After you put your name at the top of this paper, skip the questions and give yourself an A.’ So make sure you read all of the directions before you get started.

  2. Enter all the contests you can find – If you want to improve your chances of winning you need to enter every single contest you can find. Some of the professional contestants enter hundreds of competitions each week. That’s how they win those new computers and flashy cars. You can find websites that you can join and have access to lists of contests and if you just keep your eyes open you’ll find them all over the Internet.

    One little tip, though. Since most of these contests are going to ask for your email address, do yourself a favor right now and set up a free email account apart from your regular account. The reason they want your email address is so they can send you marketing emails in the future. You’ll have to check this email address frequently to find notifications of winnings but at least it won’t be clogging up your personal email account.

So there you go. These online competitions are real, no matter how extreme they sound, and you can win real money and prizes. But only if you actually enter them. So get busy!

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  1. Janet

    Very informative – thanks! I can’t wait to start entering contests now…had always been leery.

    1. Steven

      Stay tuned Janet! I’ve got a new competition starting at Dukeo very soon!

  2. Mr. Comper

    Good article and good point about making sure you follow the rules! A lot of comps do allow multiple entries, so always maximize your chances. Also, I’d say never pay for any entries and set up a secondary email account. People do win competitions, so stick at it!

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