How to Make Money Starting a Local Restaurant Delivery Service Online

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How to Make Money Starting a Local Restaurant Delivery Service Online

Everybody knows the local pizza shop delivers and sometimes the Chinese restaurant delivers, too. But if you want a burger and fries or some of that killer spaghetti from your favorite Italian restaurant you’re going to have to bundle up, hop in the car and go get it yourself. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just go online, order from your favorite local restaurant and have it delivered right to your door? Somebody should set that up!

Most people don’t realize it but you can make money online doing just about anything you can think of. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity. So it probably never even crossed your mind that starting a restaurant delivery service online was even a possibility. But it is. And here’s how you can do it.

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First you’ll need a website so you can show the restaurants in your area that you’re serious about your business. Plus, it’s going to take a little while for the people in your community to learn about your site. Word travels fast on the Internet but it takes a little while for it to get started.

To set up a site you’ll need to buy a domain name. If you’ve already decided on a name for your business that would also be your best choice for a domain name. If you haven’t, your domain name and business name should be the same. Choose something that’s short, to the point and easy to remember and spell.

Set up your site and put some relevant content on it. Articles about area restaurants and your delivery service are good for starters. You can also set up a page that includes information about your delivery fees. And you’ll definitely want to include at least one phone number so people can contact you to set up their food deliveries.

Now it’s time to start making arrangements with the restaurants in your area. Contact each one individually and let them know about your service. Restaurants have calls all the time from customers asking about delivery. So let them know you’re out there. And don’t be shy. You’ll actually be doing them a service that will increase their business.

The easiest way to set things up in the beginning will be to have the customers contact the restaurants, place their order, and pay for it themselves using their credit card. Then they can call you or send you an email to schedule their delivery. Set up a Paypal button on your site so your customers can pay your fee online and you won’t have to worry about getting stiffed.

The more you promote your business the faster it will grow. You can put flyers around town, hand out business cards and make sure to put promotional information in each of the restaurants you’ll be servicing, too, so they can let their customers know about your food delivery service. A lot of your neighbors hang out on Facebook and Twitter and that’s a great way to spread the word. Since you’re going to be working online anyway, start socializing to promote your business.

Once your service and website start taking off, you can even increase your income by selling advertising space to the restaurants in your area and if you put an opt-in form on your site you can also start generating your own email mailing list.

And don’t forget about local bars and pubs that don’t serve food. People in those places are always ordering pizza so they can have something to eat with their beer. Let the owners know about your delivery service and watch how much your business picks up.

Generating that email mailing list is important. You can email your clients once a week with restaurant specials or special offers on your delivery service. And you can also charge your restaurants to advertise on your emails, too.

To grow your business, put a survey form on your website and ask you customers which restaurants they’d like to see added to your service. Or ask them when they phone in their orders. And maybe think about adding in a grocery delivery service. But trust me, once word starts spreading around the restaurant owners, they’ll be calling you to be added to your list.

It’s easy to use the Internet to make money online and these are just a few basic ideas of how you can kick off a restaurant delivery service. The key to your success is promotion.

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    You hit it right on the money. I am in the process of setting up my own food delivery service in my are, so your information is very helpful. I plan to focus on offices with certain number if employees, and deliver only during lunch time. Then, grow from there.

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