How to Make Money Selling Custom Animal ID Tags Online

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How to Make Money Selling Custom Animal ID Tags Online

Nearly everybody in America has a pet. Some people have a cat, some have a dog, some have both, and some have dozens. And the one thing that all of these people have in common is that they need animal ID tags for their pets. If you’re looking for a way to make money online you can do it by selling custom animal ID tags.

Everybody puts an ID tag on their pet. It’s just common sense. Dogs and cats are always running out the front door or jumping the fence. They get loose. It happens. And then they get lost. An animal can’t just pipe up and tell someone where they live and ask for help getting home. That’s why everyone always puts an ID tag, engraved with their address and phone number, on their pet.

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You can build a strong online business selling ID tags but it will definitely take some work. Just do a Google search to see how much competition is already out there. Still, it’s definitely a product that will always be needed and someone has to sell it so it might as well be you.

If you’re going to sell something online you’re going to need a website. And because there’s already a large number of websites selling this item you’ll want to set up a killer site that really grabs your reader and keeps them on the page. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself you should consider hiring a website designer.

No matter what type of online business you create it’s important for you to fill your site with high quality, informative content. For a site like this, where your target audience is people who love their fuzzy little pets, why not think about setting up a video blog and using cute videos that you find on YouTube. As you start getting traffic you could even have your readers submit their own pet photos and videos and even run on-site contests.

You’re also going to need to work on promoting your site so you can rank for as many keywords as possible. Fortunately, most of the sites you’ll be competing against have little actual content so it shouldn’t be too hard to rank for a large number of keywords. But the more high quality, keyword rich content you put on your site the better your traffic will be.

You have two ways you can go about this. You can buy the engraving machine and the tags and create the custom tags yourself. After you’ve made only a few sales you’ll have recouped your investment and from then all the only thing you’ll have to worry about is buying more blank tags when you run out. One of the benefits of buying the machine to do it yourself is that you could use the machine to engrave other types of tags and customized items.

If you think this is the way you’d like to handle this business, then you’ll also need to put a secure payment button on your site, along with a form for your customers to supply names, addresses and phone numbers for the tags.

If engraving the tags yourself isn’t in your game plan, there are several affiliate programs available that you could use on your site. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything but generating traffic this way but you’d also only made a percentage of each sale.

When you think about it, while this is a product that everyone uses, the profit margins are pretty low – no matter which way you go. You’re going to have to sell a lot of ID tags to generate a respectable income. Perhaps a better business model would be to tie this product in on a niche blog that promotes a more profitable product.

For example, there are millions of affiliate programs out there that have something to do with the pet industry. Build a blog based on a wider niche and promote your ID tags in your email marketing campaigns or put an anchor text link in a blog post a few times a month.

Don’t forget the benefits of joining the social networks, too. Do a search on Twitter and Facebook and maybe even Reddit and Digg, to find people who love pets and start making some connections. Making money online selling animal ID tags is no different from any other business model. You have to have professional looking website. You have to fill it with high quality content and you need to promote, promote, promote.

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