How to Make Money Selling an Offline Product on the Internet

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How to Make Money Selling an Offline Product on the Internet

More and more offline businesses are realizing the need to pick up some Internet Real Estate and start doing business on the Web. Not all businesses though have the man power or the knowledge to set up a successful site, maintain it and successfully promote their products. You can help these companies out and make money selling offline products on the Internet.

Almost every product you see promoted, everywhere on the Internet, is available somewhere offline. Diet aids, books, toys, clothing – everything you see was only available offline before the Internet arrived on the scene. With the introduction of the Internet though, people seem to forget that it’s still possible to get all those products offline. It’s like there’s some kind of line drawn between the Internet and the offline world and nobody’s supposed to cross it.

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People are coming up with new products every day and they don’t immediately make them available on the Internet. Some companies think that if they make their products available online it will water down the retail value and they’ll end up losing money. It’s a reasonable concern, given some of the shady Internet marketers out there but it’s not realistic. Everybody turns to the Internet when they’re looking for something they want to buy. Any company that doesn’t have an Internet presence is missing a huge chunk of the market.

One of the fastest growing areas of Internet Marketing is selling website design and consulting services to just such companies. Companies who don’t have the time or knowledge to set up and maintain their own sites and companies who don’t understand the sales potential of a website. If you know how to set up a promote sites you can make money selling your services to offline companies.

A simple website is all it would take to bring your local bakery into the 21st Century. But the baker probably doesn’t think it’s possible to sell cupcakes online. Set up a demo site and show her how easy it is to rank on the web and show her how a website could double her local business and create a whole new online market for her products.

You could do the same thing with any product produced by any small business in your town. All it takes is a blog or a website, some content and a lot of promotion. If you’ve been promoting affiliate products successfully then you can certainly promote offline products as well.

Maybe you don’t want to sell website design services, you only want to promote products. Make an arrangement with that local baker. Put a coupon with your own special code up on a website and promote it like you would any other product and have her you pay you a fee for each coupon she redeems.

Be on the lookout for new products as you’re going about your daily errands. If you can’t make some kind of arrangement with the business that would allow you to promote their products and make some kind of profit, consider buying a few of whatever it is and list them on Amazon yourself. If it’s a unique gift item, a new book, decorative candles, or any of the thousands of other items Amazon sells, you might just have a hit.

Don’t overlook the service industries, too. You can create online niche business directories for every city in the world. Of course, it would probably be easier if you start local, but it’s a very scalable business plan. Once you get the sites built and ranking start contacting business to see if they’d like to be included and charge them an annual fee. Create directories for attorneys, doctors, plumbers, landscapers – every type of business in town.

The Internet is huge and we’re haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to revealing all of its marketing potential. You can make money selling anything you want to if you have a little imagination and you’re able to think outside the box. And you need to stop thinking that there’s some great chasm between the offline world and the Internet.

Selling offline products is no different than any of the online products you sell. You’ll still need a website, you’ll still need content and you’ll still need to use the same promotional techniques. The only difference is – you’ll probably have less competition. And in some cases, you may have the whole Internet to yourself!

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