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How to Make Money Online with YouTube

Google might be the most used search engine on the Internet but YouTube is a very close second. Now that you know that, you need to be using it to your advantage. If you’re stuck within the confines of your blog or website, it’s time to start venturing out. You could be making more money online if you’d carve out a niche on YouTube.

YouTube’s attraction is obvious. People enjoy video content much more than your standard, boring text and images that you find on every blog on the Internet. It’s engaging and entertaining. Even How-To articles become interesting when you use video to show the steps instead of just typing it out in black and white. You already know you’re blogging to an audience with the attention span of a gnat. But you also know they like video content. So it’s time to move over to YouTube, where the action is.

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What kind of videos should you make?

The most popular videos, the videos that go viral, are entertaining. The have cute puppies or kittens doing silly things or race cars and pretty girls. And of course, music videos are always popular. The point is, dry, narrative videos where all you’re looking at is a Camtasia capture of a computer screen do are not the most popular videos on YouTube.

That being said, it’s still important that your videos be relevant. If you’re promoting a software program and you’re creating a How-To video then of course you’re going to want to include screen captures. But relevant doesn’t have to mean boring.

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to create the best quality videos and get your keywords in there and links to your blog. But if you look at some of the most popular videos that have gone viral, they’re not professionally created, the sound is often not the best quality, and the images are grainy and blurred. Yet these videos are popular because they’re entertaining. And that’s the key.

You’ll need to create more than one video

Just like a blog or any other website, if you want to be noticed you’ll need to create a YouTube channel and fill it with lots of high quality content. The only difference is your content is videos instead of articles. And each of your videos will have a title and its own URL, just like a blog post. So do your keyword research and use your video titles to help you gain better search engine rankings and position.

If you’re using your channel to promote your blog you should try to give your channel the same name to you viewers will make the connection. Be sure to create a good profile using keywords and get your link in there close to the beginning so it shows before the ‘Read More’ tag.

Promoting your YouTube channel

Promoting your channel just like you do your blog is a good place to start. Twitter and Facebook are great for video traffic. But don’t overlook linkbuilding, too. Leave links to your videos in blog comments and point some of your article links at your channel or specific videos.

So many times when we’re link building we forget that a YouTube channel is really and extension of our blog or website. If you have all of your content interlinked and your videos are getting some good traffic it helps pull up your blog’s authority and ranking, too.

One of the features of YouTube that makes it so special is that it’s also a social network. Users can comment on each other’s videos and you have the same sharing and liking features that you have on other social sites. While this on-site promotion might not have a direct effect on your rankings it does help move your video higher up on the YouTube index and gets more eyes on your content.

You should also put a video category on your blog and post your videos there for your blog visitors to see. Not only will you be increasing your views but you’ll have that many more people sharing your content and the additional content will help your blog’s authority with the search engines.

One of the most important things you can do is to create and upload your videos just as regularly as you do your blog content. If you focus on providing the same fresh, quality content on your video channel that you post on your blog, you’ll end up making money with YouTube and your blog. And wouldn’t that be horrible?

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  1. Ileane

    You’re so right. YouTube is extremely helpful when it comes to promoting your blog and building a new audience.

    I like to use annotations and link related videos and channels. Also, if you are a YouTube partner, you can add a link to your website.

    1. Steven

      Absolutely Ileane! And I know for a fact that you are doing a very good job at branding yourself with Video Marketing :)

  2. Julius

    Right on! building your own brand online and setting up a community for people to follow and have it also followed is really hard. It takes time and effort in order to build your reputation in order for people to count you in. Examples listed below are proper way to summarize how you should do it. Very concise and very well explained. This is very informative!

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